I think I've found an #accessibility bug in Chrome? It seems to me that, when you click a link and press the back button, the link should become focused. Safari, Firefox, and Edge all do this correctly, but Chrome doesn't seem to. I filed a bug just to be safe. bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/i #a11y

For some reason the Chromium issue tracker seems to hide content for recent bugs (maybe to prevent spam?), so here is the demo I wrote: bl.ocks.org/nolanlawson/raw/a2

In all browsers I tested except Chrome, clicking a link and then pressing alt-left/cmd-left returned focus to the link (regardless of whether it had tabindex=1 or not, which is what I would expect).

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Interesting discovery: apparently the fact that Chrome doesn't restore focus on back navigation is a known issue, and there's even a webcompat bug for it (ironically, on Firefox! for not being like Chrome!): webcompat.com/issues/28121

How do people who don't use mice actually manage to use Chrome? Do they use an extension or something? It seems really frustrating that, if you click around on Wikipedia, every time you press the back button the focus goes back to the top of the page. #a11y

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@nolan Chrome is absolutely godawful, and the web would have been much better off had Mozilla been better at maintaining high performance characteristics for Firefox when the second browser wars happened since then we'd all still be using it instead.

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