Twitter Suspends 70 Pro-Mike Bloomberg Accounts for β€˜Platform Manipulation’

Oops! The anti β€œRussian meddling” policies start to backfire on Bloomberg.

Spamming on Twitter is not a bad job for for $2,500 a month. You can even do that from your bed.

In Japan, a powerful and modern country, high school isn't free -- you pay or you don't go. Even the USA is more socialist than that when it comes to education.

Instead of dealing with these teacher strikes, how about we make education a parental prerogative and responsibility again instead?

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Cameron Gray @Cameron_Gray

Indiana: A couple allegedly drove two teenage boys off a roadway because they had flags supporting President Trump attached to their bicycles

Their bicycles β€¦

#Cricket #India #Indiana #Trump

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Was the first to warn about this weeks ago. Few people said it would never happen and that we're gonna be fine with "made in USA."

It doesn't work that way. Made in USA is still raw parts/resources from China in many cases. β€¦

#Warcraft #China

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tens of thousands of people are dying every year from lack of basic medical care, but im glad bloomberg knows what really matters

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