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It's time for episode 27 of Rare Encounter! Join @AbleKirby, myself, Grease Stains and a Brown Shirt for some reclaimed chicken, injecting mushrooms, and likewise potatoes.

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Prepare for the Establishment Media love fest for Jill Biden, brought to you by the same Elites who rained scorn and derision down on Melania Trump for four years. #Biden #Trump

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It is well past time to safely reopen Canada's small businesses. Capacity restrictions, like many provinces have successfully used through the entire 2nd wave, can help us end blanket lockdowns. Retailers, gyms, hair salons, restaurants, the arts won't survive further lockdowns. #Canada

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Nancy Pelosi should be tried and convicted for inciting riots during this past summer.


This is exactly how it works If these people are no subpoenaed for this & brought to justice the Democrats and Republicans will be cunning against new parties in 2022

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She's buying calls



NEW - Joe Biden’s new Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has made over $7 million from speaking at Wall Street firms including #Citadel – an investor in Melvin Capital, which got run over by Wall Street Bets. Citadel is also #Robinhood's biggest customer.

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Jesus said, "Occupy until I come."

Is lawfare a good method to "occupy" wallstreet?

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People are probably afraid to RT this

Jon Gabriel: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable” -- John F. Kennedy #Gorka

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**Russian court rejects Navalny’s appeal; allies arrested**

"The latest ruling comes as Navalny's supporters plan further protests this weekend."

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Politicians must police "social harms" on Facebook says gov't-funded consultant, the same @CdnHeritage consultant used to advocate for $595M media bailout. #Canada

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If there is no meaningful response from Canada’s government on #KeystoneXL, the US attacks on our oil & gas pipelines will be rewarded and only encouraged to continue.

We must not let that happen. We must stand up for the hundreds of thousands of workers in our energy sector. #Canada

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Adam was right my dad called chrome on his iPhone his google..

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