Hope all House Republicans, and honest House Democrats, will vote to CENSURE Rep. Adam Schiff tomorrow for his brazen and unlawful act of fabricating (making up) a totally phony conversation with the Ukraine President and U.S. President, me. Most have never seen such a thing!

Pretty sure I'm not going to bother renewing Amazon Prime, and that I'm going to go back to preordering books via Indigo/Chapters instead of Amazon. Better to support a Canadian company anyway.

At least isn't sucking SJW pinko dick. More projects and businesses need to take this approach instead of being cowed by modern-day Stalinists. gitlab.com/gitlab-com/www-gitl

Not only does Amazon print and sell counterfeit books (both directly and via third parties) but they're making even more money by getting premiums from publishers to list the real books ahead of the fakes. vox.com/the-goods/2019/6/24/18 @harvhat

How can I tell when Amazon has sent me their own counterfeit printings of books? Because I have a sneaking suspicion that all the books that arrived today weren't printed through their actual publishers...

Will we ever get a real scan of the Libraries volume of the Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual 3rd edition? Or any scans at all of the Includes and Autodocs volume?

If Congress is so Hell bent on helping Turkey-Kurds, they can declare war. But that would be putting hands under the hood and get them dirty.

Rightists create societies, Leftists end them.

I think the Leftists in charge are somewhat aware that everything they do does not work, but they do not care.

In their mind, they are just selling a product to morons who vote for it.

False alarm, lawyer mail was just the record of the house purchase and nothing to panic over.

Sorry, liberals... this didn't tank our economy like you were hoping it would...

GM, UAW agree on tentative labor contract that could end a month-long strike by 48,000 workers


Nothing like coming home to find a huge-ass envelope from your real estate lawyer in the mailbox.

Leftist mainstream media business model:

- Losing out to successful YouTubers?
- No problem - call them all racists and white supremacists!
- Activist groups then call for suppression, quoting MSM articles
- YouTube promotes MSM channels


Slimy as hell, but effective.

Apple Safari browser sends some user IP addresses to Chinese conglomerate Tencent by default reclaimthenet.org/apple-safari

We need a salute emoji, maybe also a salute while shedding a tear emoji

鈥淢any of us remember the Washington Post headline that was literally published on inauguration day back in 2017. Here鈥檚 what it said: 鈥楾he campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.鈥 And sure enough, House Democrats have been at it ever since."


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