I should have gone into trades. I'd be making at least as much money, and there'd be less bullshit.

These fucking chuds treat Git like they were still using Visual motherfucking SourceSafe, I can't even. I need to get a job with intelligent developers. Fuck this.

I am mentally checkout of this job.

Wuhan locals claim coronavirus has killed 42,000 people in the city alone, more than ten times the national figure claimed by Chinese authorities


@coldacid @jeremiah @progo every one of my gay friends resents what the pride thing has turned into, I think they're all are smart enough to see where that road leads and savvy enough to be grateful for the acceptance they've won. Normal gays are not in the spotlight now though; it's been taken over by drag queens, trannies and other super freaks.

Like Adam often says, they aren't a "community"

@coldacid @progo @SirSpencer That's why identity politics sucks and people who practice it suck.

It's 2 dimensional people with nothing going on upstairs, downstairs, or in their wallets trying to spackle over their perceived personal shortcomings with properties attributed to groups they might actually belong to.

What the fuck ever happened to being someone instead of just one item in a set of something?

People in Japan should probably horde some of that 2020 Olympics merch. They might become collectors items. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

It's forty minutes to midnight, I start working at 8:30am (even if from home) and here I am shitting around on social and doing sudokus

Someone drag me to bed

i swear, 90% of you turn to mush at some faked shot of an ICU.

i dont think you have any idea how dishonest the media are

"mom can we buy a sound mixer?"

"no we have sound mixer at home"

sound mixer at home:

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