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Are _you_ Horny for Horn? Join @AbleKirby and I episode 62 of Rare Encounter, where we talk about cypher machines, street meat shacks, and matter from energy.

Listen and enjoy!

> Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to use "a.m." and "p.m." when referring to noon or midnight. The abbreviation a.m. stands for ante meridiem or before noon, and p.m. stands for post meridiem or after noon. Since noon is neither before nor after noon, and midnight is exactly twelve hours before and after noon, neither abbreviation is correct. However, many digital representations of time are configured to require an "a.m." or "p.m." designation, preventing the correct absence of such designators at midnight. In such cases, there is no international standard defining which arbitrary selection is best

1. Holy autism batman
2. There is a better standard, it's called 24 hour day

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Interesting that the PPC has twice the level of support as the Greens yet ⁦@MaximeBernier⁩ still can’t make the cover page. #elxn44

Went for a nice long walk to get some fresh air and sunshine. I've been in short supply of both lately, which might be part of why I felt sick this morning.

Feeling better now. My stupid guts really needs to be replaced with artificial ones that don't cause me all this distress.

I had hoped to go to the protest against vax passports at Queen's Park today but woke up feeling sick. So I'm just going to crawl back into bed instead. :(

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I encourage everyone to watch @jordanbpeterson’s podcast in which he interviews our party leader @MaximeBernier.

It is eye opening.

I got myself a copy of the original Objective-C book, "Object-Oriented Programming: an evolutionary approach".

There must be a new carrier for my neighbourhood. For the first time since I started subscribing, my issue of Amiga Future wasn't folded up inside my mailbox but carefully placed in one of the parcel boxes instead.

There are polling stations much closer to home than the one that I've been told to go to on my voter registration card. That seems kinda wrong... πŸ€”

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Is the O’Toole campaign so desperate now that they have to use old Twitter troll slogans?

The FAA grounded Fox News’ drones that were capturing the migrant crisis in Del Rio, Texas.

So local law enforcement took them up in a helicopter


Yes, it's the very site praised by @adam at 54 minutes into episode 1382! This version fixes some wonky display issues on mobile.

The site is only as good as those who use it, though. It's open to all members of No Agenda Social, ITM Slaves!, and Liberty Woof; post your job profile, post your job listings, and look for fellow citizens who need work/employees. Make your own jobs karma!

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By the way, yes, the @peoplespca is still the most searched party in Canada on Google over the last 7 days.

We also know from @VoiceOfFranky
the PPC voters are very motivated


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