It's ironic that @adam is always correcting JCD's pronunciation of place names on the No Agenda show, and yet he intentionally screws up "Washington" every time he reads the meetup segment.

I think from now on, Adam's home city should be pronounced ARSTIN. It's only fair.

this is the Ethereum Panel, one guy is Vitalik Buterin and I'm not kidding

When every network has its own streaming service, all costing the same as Netflix or cable, nobody will bother with TV anymore. Nice job breaking it, networks.


Spying on users just looks unethical to me so I do support free software.

Free software is not non-spy software. It can be used so much for spying, like companies are already doing it. Minix system is installed in CPUs, we could say for potential spying as well. Facebook is using free software, they are certainly part of spying machine, and so on.

Look at Chromium, free software, which spies on users, it cannot be included in free software distributions.

Polish immigrant women walk to the potato fields in the Ravendale neighborhood on Detroit’s east side, 1895.

The economic depression between 1893 and 1897 hit the city of Detroit particularly hard, causing high unemployment and widespread poverty. The destitute conditions prompted then-mayor Hazen S. Pingree to ask that owners of vacant lots on city land allow the unemployed to grow vegetables for subsistence on those properties. It was hoped that the cultivation of produce by impoverished Detroiters would not only increase food supply and thus supplement income, but also provide a feeling of dignity and self-reliance for those who were forced by circumstances to do so.

These small community vegetable farms would eventually come to be nicknamed ‘Pingree’s Potato Patches’ in honor of the man who inspired them. Haze Pingree would serve 4 terms as mayor of Detroit, and then a term as the 24th governor of Michigan.

"Greta Thunberg's Atlantic trip in 'zero-carbon yacht' may generate more emissions than it saves"



From Ariye Deri Twitter on Rashida Tlaib

I approved her request as a gesture of goodwill on a humanitarian basis, but it was just a provocative request, aimed at bashing the State of Israel. Apparently her hate for Israel overcomes her love for her grandmother.


Clinton IT Aide Who Defied Subpoena Says He Created A Cryptic Gmail Account And Sent It Nearly All Of Hillary’s Emails

"All but four of Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails were copied, likely secretly, to a Gmail address called [email protected], according to a new Senate report."

"When an intel agent discovered the copying to a third-party account, he said Peter Strzok seemed disinterested."

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