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I received this postcard today from my ever helpful Oklahoma State Department of Health. It’s an advertisement to get the vaccine! Oh yay. I read through this and a few things caught my eye, as maybe they weren’t being entirely truthful. Who knew? They claim that while the vax is new, it’s mRNA which has been around for decades, and they’ve used mRNA vaccines before. This is contrary to what even the book of knowledge says! I guess they hope no one pays attention to these details.

After arguing with the most incredible idiots on Reddit, I ended up digging through VAERS 2021 data to confirm what I've learned from @Johncdvorak and @adam on .

Total vaccine deaths 2021: 4265. Prior years are: 112, 79, 92, 86, ...

Filtered to ages 1-50, total deaths: 359
About half died within 2 days of receiving the vaccine.

Not buying that these people are simply dying of COVID by coincidence after receiving the vaccine (that's supposed to protect them).

[RT @MaximeBernier]
The @globeandmail just obtained a copy of the contract for Operation Cactus, which says @CPC_HQ would pay Kinsella $120k to defame me.

Morally and intellectually corrupt.

Wasn't Tamagotchi discussed on a prior episode as a way to do contact tracing at a prom? @adam and @Johncdvorak are from the future...

Do you know about Cointelpro???

The FBI has a history of surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic American political movements.

They did it to the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's.

You don't think they would do it to Trump's 'America First' movement?

Good gawd, how I wish Laura Loomer had won her House race... Nonstop hilarity it would be!

I heard about Mycroft, an "open source virtual agent" with a privacy focus. Except that to use it, you still need to have internet access and an account on their web service.

How about a virtual agent that stands alone, already? Let me run the whole fucking thing on my local network.

The president will sign the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act at ....*drumroll*...3:30 p.m

@adam I gave myself 4 covid tests. the swabs are dry. after you swab your nose you put them into a test tube that does have some liquid in it. You don't put that liquid anywhere near your nose.

Off-by-one error locks collateral after billon dollar stablecoin collapse

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