‘Damn socialism, why are you chasing me?’ Chinese-Americans see ghost of communism in Democrats’ leftward turn freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com

Imagine copyright law making all the Important works lost so that all historians will know of our era is weird shitpost games from itch.io and fanfictions no one bothered to DRM

Actually there is 1000% going to be a famous property we love today that will only survive in references in fanfiction, this is basically a historical certainty (it's more or less what happened to Sappho)

Let us all hold hands and hope it's Harry Potter

Google's looks pretty decent. I can't wait for them to kill it off within 36 months.

Malware Experts: Google Invaded Privacy and Harmed Trust with Home Security ‘Fiasco‘ | Breitbart bit.ly/2JvIa8i via @BreitbartNews

House Democrats’ ‘Anti-Hate’ Resolution Is A Stress Test For Criminalizing Their Opposition freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/

Sometimes it's disheartening how many issues a reboot can solve

@adam is spot on how unionizing will kill Gimlet media.

My buddy works for a Big 3 auto manufacturer and they once had a paint line go down for 1/2 a day because they had to call someone whose "job it was" to fix this nozzle that got clogged. It was literally a 5 minute fix, but he couldn't touch it because it "wasn't his designated job" to fix it.

‘Donald Trump should announce that he has nominated six justices to the Supreme Court to expand it to 15 seats.
Congress would move heaven and earth to block him from succeeding at his court-packing plan, and that would be a bipartisan effort...Legislation to limit the Supreme Court to nine seats might even pass on unanimous votes...
Trump would...get exactly what he wants — a way to make sure that the current composition of the court endures’


Boeing to Release Software Update Soon, Offer Training to Pilots

Surely right after it fixes the hardware issue?

I'm not at all anti-science, but I _am_ strongly anti-"settled science". The former is an ongoing process with twists and turns as we learn more about the universe and its contents. The latter is just another form of dogmatic and orthodox faith, where any heresy and apostacy must be punished.

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