Grumpy Old Bens - Episode #40 - Operating Systems

The under-the-weather @SirBemrose and I delved into the difference between the major operating systems and why people may choose them

There is also plenty of ranting.

Also, the best cold open ISO ever?

You can decide!

Cspan call in sessio today. Majority of Democrats calling in say they were lifelong dems until now. Maybe they might want to rethink this dog and pony impeachment

@coldacid once "abuse of power" gets redefined to mean "doesn't agree with my politics" all bets are off.

Wikileaks Document Shows John Podesta's Emails Were Hacked in 2016 By the Ukraine, Not Russia - Creepy Podesta Brothers and Hillary Connected to Largest Russian Bank

(1) Thirty-four years ago, a Canadian teenager, Janice Johnston, wanted to do something about the Arrow Air disaster that impacted so many.

She pledged her babysitting money to plant a tree for every soul lost. That became the memorial at Ft. Campbell, with 256 sugar maples. A forest that grew so dense, trees begun to die a few years back and needed to be removed.

No matter what the MSM tells you, this impeachment is not normal. :honk:

No it is not like Clintion.
No it is not like Nixon.
No it is not like Johnson.

This impeachment is the deep-state's attempt to put the final nail in the coffin of "rule of law."

Though it has been happening for decades, it should now be obvious to all, that our constitution has been irrevocably broken by leftist agents in our political and financial systems.

Short term, President Trump will not be removed, and will likely be reelected.

Long term, particularly non-leftist presidents, will face looming impeachment for the lightest of charges. Note: Based on what the left has done, all presidents in our history would have faced impeachment. The bar has dropped so low, making the power-correcting act of impeachment meaningless.

There is no compromising with leftists that want to end this great country. There is no agreement that will bring our sides together, even in a state of "live and let live." The left will not allow it. The left will never accept any non-leftist candidate to maintain power, EVEN IF WE VOTE THEM IN.

Every last leftist must be removed from all branches of power.


@coldacid it's like a feature of the Democrat party to be unable to think how a precedent may be used in the future. Just ask Harry Reid how that nuclear option is working out.

Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond Caught On Video Watching Golf During Impeachment Hearing | The Daily Caller

Welp, they're already talking about impeaching the next Democrat to become POTUS. There you go, . Thanks, Adam Schiff!

remember, one opennic a day keeps the ICANN away

"Its presence is so subtle, and so pervasive, that we barely even noticed it was an attempt to kill the web."

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