Here is proof we filmed a brand new surgical mask right out of the package and put it under a microscope.

Upon blowing on what at first might look like some sort of textile fiber, you will see it come to life moving in an organic, biological manner.

These things are beinf found in various masks all over the world and they come from China.

The movement is similar to that of the DARPA developed nano tech “check engine light“.

I want to bring DarkDox Digest to Lighting Network Podcast 2.0 who can help me with this?

Her name was Ashli Babbit. She was not vaulting through a window. She was unarmed. There were multiple officers present.

"during the attack"
"closed in"
"dire set"

source: NYT morning briefing 1-25-21

Look at that narrative. Just wow.

They are already laying the groundwork to disassemble the US and replace the system itself with something they can never loose ever again.

Biden has reversed a Trump order which prevented illegal aliens from being factored into census counts, which in-turn drive congressional seats.

They are making sure they cannot loose ever again...they wont even need to cheat if they do it well enough.

I’m going to be sick. Don’t hate me but I work for the government in a minion position. Biden’s new key members 🤢 are sending emails about the four intersecting challenges of our time. Brace yourself...COVID-19, economic recovery, racial equity and climate change.

Plus Biden already revoked the EO about Combatting Race and Sex Stereotyping. Here comes Critical Race Theory in government again.

As if most government employees need to be radicalized any more than they already are.

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