Looks like @adam called it dead on in the Elon Twitter saga.

Hi Guys I am thinking of dabbling into bitcoin, any wallet, trading recommendations/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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What other phone scams are out there besides these? Which are missing?

Marriott or Hilton Hotels wants to offer a special getaway.

Your credit card company wants to give you a special rate

Your car warranty is expiring

You Social Security Number has been revoked

You bought an iPhone and it is being shipped to some other state

Your iCloud account has been compromised

Microsoft is calling because of a virus on your machine

You are about to be arrested for not paying a bill

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@adam LinkedIn just suggested that I might know you based on my profile. Considering we have never met and work in completely different industries and have no one in common I am starting to wonder what "my profile" LinkedIn contains, and where it is syphoning data from.

For those of you following uk politics I would speculate that Matt Hancock leaked the video himself so that he could leave before all the COVID failures and fallout get pinned on him, as he has been the de facto fall guy. @adam @Johncdvorak

Just heard in the news in the UK that the Gov is starting a trial study on Ivermectin.


Do we think CNBC is trying to say something about Zuckerberg?

So this floating about the instaface but damn me if this is not accurate.

For all of you not living in the UK, We had some rather violent riots last night.

This was triggered by the new overreaching police powers being approved. Not sure if this is being covered in Gitmo

@adam @Johncdvorak


Question for everyone here that uses the Tick Tock. I keep getting more and more America bashing videos disguised as content on the app. Items such as; "Tell me one time that...." All concluding America is the worst place on earth. Is this further proof of turning the youth against their country? @adam

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@coffeeguy i would imagine no skin would make immunity pretty risky!

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@coffeeguy @adam This is what your average masker will look like at the end of 2022

I think we reached a new virtue signalling low. Just saw this add for a weight los app. Never mind the man has no skin but let’s make sure to add a mask. @adam

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