Moving in to Vodka tonics. The Russia collision is strong here...

I have information man! New shit has come to light.... It’s not coffee in that mug.

Filled up the truck today and reset the miles to empty. The universe is telling me something....

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@clydezoot They do. Evacuated to Wisco 3 years ago - miss a lot of people and good times, but otherwise don't miss billionaire after billionaire thinking they can run the place

Mr. Daniels and sunshine on a show day here in the Chicago Imperium. ITM folks!!!

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What is wrong with these people? -- Climate experts call for 'dangerous' Michael Moore film to be taken down

Just ordered an OTG phone and Amazon suggested a sub to 2600.... ( Yes I appreciate the hypocrisy of ordering an OTG Phone off Amazon...)

Thanks for the add Joe!! Glad to be amongst the small amygdalie.....

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