If you're recording video at home and aren't happy with it, I have written a quick read that will help people of all ages make better video. clayalchemist.com/blog/shoestr

I'm thankful not to see tanks in the streets. They actually seemed to have kept their cool.

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When other businesses are shutting down, I’m ramping up.

Man. Someone needs to tell Michigan Governor Whitmer’s audio tech to get their act together. I wonder if it’s someone from Biden’s campaign.

A friend of mine was stopped at a CHECKPOINT in northern Grand Rapids, Michigan. Get ready for police state.

The moment the news mentioned shortage of toilet paper, my body was like “hey lets go twice as often.” Whatadouche!

A No Agenda producer (I think) sent 3 months of toilet paper from shop.charmin.com -- the kit contains a floor stand to hold these humongous rolls. THANKS!!

@adam I’ve been seeing a ton of “rent strike” memes from bernie bro anarchists and socialist pages. Definitely interesting trend. reddit.com/r/socialism/comment

Reporting in. Nearly unemployed. Just doing the bare minimum at work to keep the Clyde Park Bagel Beanery open. This past week I accrued maybe 16 hours of work. I usually work 40-55 hours.

Thankfully I have found something to do and am filming and editing the video of my church’s sermons during this time.

I’m looking around at most millennials my age and they have no savings. I’m extremely thankful to not be in that boat. My prayers go out to everyone who is on the brink or have lost jobs.

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