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S01E118: Caesar, You've Lowered Your Targeting Computer. Is Everything OK?

Oh Uncle Father
That’s A Lotta Corn

We see the Goods, we read your boosts. Lavish surveys the corn fields of America, and wonders who spreads the seed. After the folks enjoy intermission, Boo-Bury takes a Soulful Journey to Dimension 99 where Soulaire sells wings and Hope. Alert the Affiliates!

What Is A Moth But A Miserable Pile of Secrets?



@CarBlanez33 and I host a podcast called Hog Story
We titled episode 319, Jack the Stroger, and we talked about time travel!
The episode is available now, in case you missed the live stream

cook this this cook

Hellooo People of the Internet!
The latest episode of A Walk Through the Mind is available.
Today, I would like to talk about "Everybody's Working for their Weekend"

Definitely cooler weather now, making these runs a bit easier.

“Today I will choose to be happy.”
- Andy Andrews

😃 the whole time.
“Have a great day/night” to all.
👋 at all the people & 🚘.

LIVE! TONIGHT! 7 PM CT/ 8 PM ET join @fletcher and me in the smoker for Episode 319 of Hog Story. We want to know, if you could travel time, where would you go? Give us a call and leave a voicemail at 430-201-4841 and let us know.

Chat: episode 40: Shared Laughter

of podcast “AI dot cooking” about , is out,

featuring @GWFF and @jennifer ,

Covers latest AI news + knowledge corner (Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)) + history corner (history of ASR)

reachable under easy to remember link: !

Don‘t just stand there, please boost (both on Fediverse and via Podcasting 2.0 apps) !

Ok petalheads, time to vote on the topic @Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 and I will cover on this coming episode of The Lotus Effect this Saturday at 4pm Central! Choose from one of the menu items below.

Meanwhile, if you haven't heard Episode 47, titled Saltier Sweater, give it a listen!

What it do, Gitmo?!?

Today, Live on the No Agenda Stream:

1:00PM c - Planet Rage w/ @darrenoneill & @ThatLARRYSHOW

7:00PM c - Hog Story w/ @CarBlanez33 & @fletcher

9:00PM c - Behind the Sch3m3s w/ @Boo_BuryMothman & @lavish

Check out these awesome shows:

Join @CarBlanez33 and me for episode 319 of Hog Story romorrow night at 8PM ET / &PM CT!
We want to know, if you could travel time, where would you go? Give us a call and leave a voicemail at 430-201-4841! We want to hear from you

The Streams:
The Chats:

Episode of 47 of The Lotus Effect is now available! @Pheonix420ValhallaVixenofThe42 and I sweated over this week's topic. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, if you're reading this on a Saturday night, come join us for music and chat in Studio 33!

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