Here's my quick review. I have written it was as few SPOILERS as I could while still trying to recommend it completely. Like I said before, it's a masterwork. As deep in every way as
BoJack Horseman. Check out on Amazon Prime Video

@chris I liked the first season, am curious for the next one.

Have you seen Unbelievable? I recommend that show. Based on true events.

@SwissSenna ha ha -- the only season :) That came out on Friday, I think :)

@chris Yes, but there's a MAJOR cliffhanger at the end of the last episode...

I loved that series, had a wonderful feel to it. After the first episode my OH asked me what on earth I had just made her watch, followed by saying she wanted to see the rest.
Really engaging. 👍

@chris thanks for sharing. I had Undone added to follow list so I'll read your review after watching it 😅 I was visually atracted and liked the short format ofthis series

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