@willcodeforcoffee what does inside mean when it comes to a pool. There's only in or out. No inside. Inside the building, yes; inside the water, no!

@chris @willcodeforcoffee Yeah, that terminology is weird! Especially considering it's an outdoor pool, so you couldn't say "inside" means inside the pool's building...

Also, what a lovely two-sentence article!

@levisan @chris You're both wrong. The pool has sides. :) The funny part is that its the city that allowed the scooters but they weren't ~in~ inside the city hall pool!
This weekend I saw some Millennials (shakes fist) get out of a $100k Land Rover SUV to go riding on some scooters they found at the end of my street. 🙄 They were so excited they even rang the bells! 🤣
So Edmonton is still in the "novelty" phase of e-scooters. This is the "beginning of the end" though.

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