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Chris @chris

Good morning, brothers and sisters of this, our secretish societyish, No Agenda Social.

@ryanbytes yeah and isn't even Trump using that bit? Yeah, it was hack.

@pink_blade I think that might just be a baseball player

@ryanbytes it's a doc not a show. It's 80% historical. That's the point.

@DvorakBot just wait until next year. We'll see.

@DvorakBot so this is not true, right, because RT?

@PhoneBoy time for some coffee for me, too

Most excellent interview with CEO of Gab. Never heard of it before. isn't indexed. Needed to find it through the External Links in Wikipedia:

"An Alt-Right Chat Room of One's Own"

(This is the coolest social media site that I'm on,

@anewstudy wow, she was a very mannish 32.

@wolfspider that child was a genius. That teacher is a crusher of souls.

Anyone watch Big Little Lies?

If you wanted to have a custom notepad with the same to-do check list printed on every page, what would you do, how would you do it, and where would you order it?

Dear Lazyweb: If I both register BOTH my domain with "" and also host my email with "Gmail for Business" so I still need to concern myself with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC?

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