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Chris @chris

Was @adam 's proud moment of machismo almost getting into fisticuffs with a Blotto Dutch Girl and get Three French Girlfriends? Did I hear this right?

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@chris Me too, brother. And actually I guess I am censoring and judging -- discrimination isn't always a BAD thing.

My position on abortion has shifted dramatically over my lifetime and I track the late Nat Hentoff who was opposed but in favor of "informed" choice. (And their may actually be Luciferian elements to the industry. Kermit Gosnel?)

Dead-baby jokes sans the commission of the effective denouement might be OK, I'd have 2 hear the joke 2 know tho. Conscientious discordance a la R.A.W.

@temporaryDouchebag I love babies and think any references to harming babies is in bad taste. There were no babies harmed in any of my Toots.

@temporaryDouchebag I believe that too. We sing things into being, surely. So many Pro-Life people already consider global legal abortion to be said "baby blood sacrifice" though I'm not nearly that occult luciferian.

I'll stop singing ugly into the world. I'm not Yoko Ono.

I'm glad be sorted this out. Sorry about being discordant.

@temporaryDouchebag but I don't hate @Johncdvorak at all, I simply adore the man.

@temporaryDouchebag I'll stop. It's not my usual humor. I just really hate McCain. Viscerally.

@temporaryDouchebag of course not. I also don't have a John McCain voodoo doll either. I've never sacrificed a baby or made any blood sacrifice at all, actually. Not even a deer hunting ritual.

@temporaryDouchebag is it an abortion thing? A sacrificing babies for power a la Bohemian Grove more? Lucifarianism? Reptilians? Or literal baby blood for immortality? Or some other MK-ULTRA thing I've inadvertantly said to offend you under the guise of snark? I'd like to know what not to do again. Just dead baby jokes in general?

@temporaryDouchebag I have zero clue what you're on about.

@temporaryDouchebag @yukiame @CarBlanez33 @hgreeley that would never happen. I sacrifice babies towards making @adam and @Johncdvorak immortal!

I hear you, @wolfspider -- ain't it the truth! I have a hundred extra pounds pulling me to earth.

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