@adam where can I get a link to that interview, brother?

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Listening to the stream ever since The Show. This guy: I want to convert to whatever religion it is that worships him. He's obviously not the same species as I am. Wow, I am pretty happy that he served America's actual interests. Him and @adam's Uncle.

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@chris good luck man, will say a quick prayer for you.

I'm in the hospital for a treatment for AFib so my week has been extremely controlled. So while I have been tracking my meals, they're not my meals. The procedure's in a couple hours and then we'll see! Wish me luck! I donated $88.73 to the lads asking for love, light, thoughts, prayers, and karma. I'd love some from you, my fellow slaves, again, as well, please!

It turns out Vandals are highly educated and come from the University of Idaho College of Engineering (OK, I know I am the absolute last person to know that they're the Idaho Vandals so let me have my own little chuckle).

One man's foreign interference is another man's international affairs.

GW's Elliott School of Foreign Interference

GU's Foreign Interference Program‎

PSU's School of Foreign Interference

Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and Foreign Interference

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@chris Well, Trump *has* been "dicked" since winning in 2016...

It makes me sad when even pledge drive banter on @wamu885 is scripted. How can I tell? Pronouncing indictment as in-dickt-ment and how Trump is being in-dick-ted. I want to believe in the purity of @NPR fundraising banter, dammit!

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Oh - For the upside down contingent down in Sydney, I ran across this pic of the xmas lights on the corner of Pitt and King St from 1935 - 🇦🇺 🇺🇸

PSA: you've had over 25-years to learn that the Internet has no back slashes, only forward slashes—or just slashes. Come on! You're killing me! (Not you guys)

Mayor Pete, break that damned NDA, you pussy

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