Remember the Department of Homeland Security formed after September 11th, guess what's next?

I think s No Agenda producer called into 1A today because they talked about Swamp Thing and the shotgun ( @adam 's episode) and how everyone got to see that the gun was unloaded. No mention of Adam, no in the morning or anything.

Was it one of you cats or kittens?

Throughout history, treaties have always been fair-weather, opportunistic, and convenient, they have never been universally honored, respected, or maintained. America, especially, has a terrible relationships with treaties, globally.

The Fight For Indigenous Religious Freedom

A grassroots activist group called the Apache Stronghold sued the federal government, arguing that the land transfer violates their religious freedom protections.

Is it misogyny or is crime and violence out of control in Great Britain and criminals love to hurt, fuck, rape, steal, kill, and maim? I mean, is violence against women misogyny or a manifestation of lawlessness? If you're not safe in the streets of England then it's probably because you're vulnerable: woman, child, girl, etc. Yes, it's misogyny but it's also criminality. Yikes!

Rachel Parris talks about misogyny and the epidemic of male violence against women.

Can you help me find something please? I think the was a commercial for land Rover where, in other to get into the driveway of the home, you needed to ascend a 45° hill and then down a 45° hill. Cars couldn't get into the grounds. I can't find that ad and don't remember if it was TV and/or print. TIA.

Time for The Big Broadcast and Johnny Dollar on WAMU 88.5!

The Woke Wine Shiraz should be Raz and the Zinfandel should obviously be Zin but WW will be Del, @adam @Johncdvorak !!!

Timing was just bad/backward. Should have passed a Build Back Better infrastructure bill before all the rich people were all allowed to work from their big new suburban pandemic homes remotely, no longer needing to commute or caring about OMRs (Other People's Roads).

I wonder if the world will call this jabroni a political prisoner and we'll be compared to China and Russia and North Korea and Iran. Fun times! That'll be fun!

If you're kettlebell curious and don't care about particular weight, you can get a really great deal on the best kettlebell. 40lbs/18kg. "Only" $89.24, down from $118.99. Free shipping. I have a couple of them: 12kg, 16kg, and 20kg. Got them cheap as a pre-order during the pandemic's darkest days.

I don't want to know what you do with this or how you get so fit from doing that.

My TikTok TakeAway: hot is a common commodity and animals are legit people.

Dear China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran: attack America the moment the U.S. Military drives every JSOC operator out of the military—along with half of America's soldiers and reservists—with vaccine mandates (didn't hear it from me, comrades).

It's the best thing to ever happen to Steve Bannon and will only get better if he becomes "a political prisoner" vis a vis "something Putin would do.:

House votes to ask Justice Department to prosecute Trump ally Steve Bannon for ignoring Jan. 6 subpoena

If anyone tout en noir kicks down my door with MP7s it'll be because of my membership on NAS, my participation in NA Meetups, my hangouts on Jitsi, my ownership of guns and my VCDL and NRA memberships. Yikes! How many points against me! I am a lifetime NRA member, too!

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