Going to Zzzzzzzz so please let me know if the Dems figure everything out.

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@adam @Johncdvorak Aquatic Park in looks like it should be a beautiful park, but it is disgusting. I took my kid to a 6yo birthday party there once, and some of the boys found a hole in the fence giving them access to the train tracks (of zephyr fame), which was terrifying on its own. But then the birthday boy came running out waving a giant dildo he had found in the bushes. We haven't been back since.

Kamala is de-sassed for this CNN debate

I feel like this is a heated competition to intentionally throw the fight and lose to Donald J. Trump — where's my Tulsi Gabbard?

Nobody votes for people who raise their hands outside of school, Elizabeth Warren

I'm sentimental and corny enough to really adore this campy street busking flash mob version of Ode to Joy by Beethoven.


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Someone should accidentally on purpose drone that so-called ISIS prison if they're so afraid of them being released. I mean, why not the Kurds? Maybe Assad can spill a little bit of all that has he bogarts.

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It's very frustrating to listen to the mainstream claptrap

The Crisis In Northern Syria: Your Questions, Answered - 1A

Man, Missy Ryan, Pentagon reporter, The Washington Post, is such a shill @missy_ryan

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Coming down the PIKE people - PIKE! Not the fucking PIPE!

The spin and the narrative on about the US pullout from Kurdish Syria is so different from "ours" at but I guess their narrative posits that 1) ISIS is scary 2) Russia is evil 3) Russia's our enemy 4) NATO member Turkey is despotic @dcgirl

Fucking GAB. Honestly, if I had to choose, I choose all the SJW to those GABzis!

A dating site for No Agenda producers? I think George Noory already sorted that out:


(Could you imaging the quality of mate on there? The best!)

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