Joe is such a Benedict Arnold!

He's the worst kind of whore.

He married into the Illuminati!

2/25/21 • Morning Joe - via Podcast Addict

The president's $1.9T relief bill is set for a House vote on Friday, and new polling shows it has 76 percent support with the American public, with 60 percent of Republicans supporting the stimulus. The panel discuses.

[Morning Joe] 2/25/21 via @PodcastAddict

Sesame Street - "The Original Muppet Mah-Na, Mah-Na" (1969)

Here's the original Muppet performance (in best quality) of "Mah-Na, Mah-Na" (or "Mah Nà Mah Nà", composed by Piero Umiliani, the song first written for use...

"Thurgood Marshmallow????" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What percentage of Daft Punk fans know what daft means? I hope all of them.

You know how The Root talks about how America would air strike white supremacists if we were in Iraq or Afghanistan? Maybe, but America would also air strike gang- and crime-controlled neighborhoods as well, so if White supremacists get droning then so might neighborhoods ruled by defacto warlords as well, and some of those are black and latino communities. I'd be really careful what one asks for... always! Cuts both ways. Based on fashion.

When lefties call Trump a "Constitution-shredder," what do you think they mean?

When it comes to the human mind and human behavior, it's not about the truth or facts, per se, it's almost always simply about what makes sense. If it doesn't make sense, it couldn't be true, could it? If the facts don't make sense, then how could they be true?

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