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Truth isn't truth, though.

Ask an interrogator or a detective or a lawyer.

"The Truth" is always a patchwork of honesty, of lies, and of the foibles of human perception.


Being honest with me doesn't mean you're telling me the truth, it just means you're not lying. The opposite of a lie is not the truth.

It's your perception of things, of the world.

Is the argument that "without undocumented labor--and the slave like wages they'll take under the table--our food would be way more expensive and so many of them would close?"

Sort of "don't kick out America's slave wage class of people who are being abused by our restaurant owners and have very little legal defence and no chance of being protected by a union."

Is that what the subtext behind this segment is saying? Is this what Samantha Bee is saying?

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This is interesting to hear Bill Maher stick up for Alex Jones, which he should. Bill actually makes good points in this bit. But the others at the table are dipshits:

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Ocasio-Cortez banned the press from a town hall because she wanted the attendees feel safe. So what she's saying is the press is the enemy of the people? 🤔

I need a recommendation for an LED headlight for my bike. Needs to be bright enough to deal with Virginia bike trails at night. I want it to be securely affixed to the bars (not via a rubber strap) and I want it to have a pretty good charge. But not be so fancy that everyone will want to steal it if I don't stow it. Any advice?

Countries aren't so much enthralled or brainwashed by these "cult leaders" so much as they're just in love with the powerful monsters they've made.

It's pride in what their man has become rather than any one of these so-called populist despots tricking masses of asses into following him like so many followers of Jim Jones.

Were they opportunists?

Yes. Did they strike when the iron was hot?

Of course.

“The Trump Cult?” by @rushkoff

I call this twill and leather pouch my trap queen.

Do you think I could start a trend of wearing a Filson shell pouch of the trap and skeet range?

The next step in hipster wear!

If your shell bag is made by Filson have you entirely gone too far?

Also, what if I wore a shell bag in lieu of a fanny pack in an urban environment?

I thought Dems weren't this into protecting the Military Industrial Complex--my theory is that it all comes down to "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" when it comes to Donald J. Trump. You'll even ally with The War Machine to get Not My President out of office and the White House. Am I right? Am I getting closer?

So, do the cool kids call it "User Generated Content" (UGC) or "Citizen Generated Content" (CGC) or "Community Generated Content" (CGC)? I've seen them all and used them all. What have the Powers That Be finally decided on? Something else? Help! :) ))))

Happy I used "converging" instead of "confluencing" in a strategy document (because confluencing isn't actually a real word).

Generally speaking, saying "I would prefer not to" is the last thing said before getting fired in a gig economy or Right To Hire State.

“At present I would prefer not to be a little reasonable,' was his mildly cadaverous reply.”

I am doing lots of crypto and fintech stuff these days so I am boning up. There are so many salient podcasts.

All the "best" tech podcasts are almost totally unlistenable because the most cutting edge people have terrible voices and really annoying ticks and snorts and laughs and even though these podcasts are about cutting-edge tech, virtually nobody has the concepts of sound recording sorted out.

Just tweeted this:

"Just in time for tomorrow's show: @SenSanders interviewed about on @colbertlateshow with @StephenAtHome for @adamcurry and @THErealDVORAK for the @noagenda show "

@adam @Johncdvorak

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Dumb question: what does TYFYCAP mean? Than you for your..._____ ____ ____ ?

A nice note on Facebag