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What have I become, watching Lifetime Christmas movies?

I am going to be moderating a panel at 11AM EST for this conference called the NewConference for my client, NewConomy--come support me with eyeballs if you have the chance, please:

Here is your links for broadcast:

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I see that apocalypticism and eschaton-worship isn't only a Christian thing. I guess it's always worthwhile stealing from all the successful playbooks. I see the "meet the challenge of climate change head-on"—the end is nigh—as nothing more than science-based death cultism

I feel like patriotism is way too patriarchal. I'm matriotic.

I thought that PATRIOTISM was just a post-war replacement word because NATIONALISM had been co-opted by enemies the same way that we NOW use homeland in lieu of fatherland of motherland for nationalistic reasons so as to differentiate. But what do I know? I'm an English Major.

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Dumbest article ever written. If course runs, classes, walks, CrossFit, the gym, the studio, and obstacle challenges are analogs, replacement therapy, to compensate for our sedentary lives.

They're farming, building, traveling by foot, gardening, rowing, sailing, cultivating land, milking cows and goats. Duh! Double duh. Triple duh. Quadruple duh!

The healthiest people in the world don’t go to the gym.

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"Popular culture has been reduced to mere hedonism. The spiritual emptiness from this has left many deeply dissatisfied. Depression, nervous tension and anxiety disorders are widespread. For that reason many resort to drugs (legal or illegal) to alleviate these symptoms or to modify their mental state in some other way. This chronic dissatisfaction and the sickly psychological condition of modern man are not normal and inevitable parts of human existence"

-Ted Kaczynski, The Coming Revolution

On Colbert last night, the narrative is that the video of Accosta was doctored. I didn't look doctored to me. What was different? Maybe that it was a close-up. Is this bold-faced lying about doctoring because it might have come from Seed Man?

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Beacuse its Show Day, I want to make sure I impart these words on you: FREEDOM, JUSTICE, PEACE, and PRIVACY ---

These are the things you give up when you get married.

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Pensioner, 69, 'who identifies as a 45-year-old' begins legal action to have his age reduced so he can attract more women on Tinder

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I talked to my mother, who had been a registered Democrat since the 60s until 2012. She said she had always tried to vote not based on party but by policies and what kind of person they are. She was so disgusted by the Kavanaugh hearings that she plans to vote a straight Republican ticket to send a message. I wonder how many other people feel the same way.

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4am. Off to open the polls.

If you vote today, thank an election official. We are the ones working our asses off to ensure a fair election.

See you in 17 hours.....

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I have many surplus eggs of my numerous phasmid species I want to share with hobbyists in the US....but border customs isn't working along nicely many times.🤪
How can I make my enveloppes with tubes so that they are not the ones picked out for sniffing by agents? Rose smell? Address label font?😂

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@chris @PhoneBoy gentlemen. Our country and government is designed to not work fast. That's on purpose. The founding fathers we're students of democracies to that point and decided on the USA way of doing things to prevent the errors they saw. Except the Senate/House, that was a compromise for the states, but it works very well in practice

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@chris @PhoneBoy their going theory: the only good government is one that doesn't do anything.

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Personally I think we need to devolve back to the States, as a good start 😁
@PhoneBoy @chris
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