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I saw this documentary on Karl Lagerfled & how he lives & works.

The whole "I scribble out a child's refrigerator door quality drawing of how I want a dress to look & my minions make it happen" bit really made Fashion Guru look like a joke of a job.

The really fun part was he opens a dresser drawer & its packed w/over 100 white stiff paper collars. Every day he just replaces the collar on his identical suit. Not sure he even changes the suit since he's a robot or alien

I love Facebook so much when things like this happen organically—especially when it gets better and better and better like this!

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My former buddy current friend and maybe just acquaintance after all these years, Eric O'Neill, of Breach movie fame, who took down Robert Hanssen, is coming out with an autobiography of the event and his take on cuber spying, especially from Russia @adam

Man, I am one hell of an asshole shitposter today! I must be coming out of my funk!

Never trust the opinion of an expat: either of what they think about their birth country (always too negative) or the country to which they've moved (always too positive). Especially Cuban expats in Florida, for example.

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Hey was one of the women in one of the clips saying her middle name was Maricón?

Call me cynical but I believe the wall is a prophylactic against all the foogees that'll come streaming up from Central and South America when America goes rubblizing through Latin America, starting with Venezuela, expecting the same sort of refugee flood that's happening in Europe from North Africa and the Middle East. And, if you believe in global warming, the flood of climate related migrants who will be escaping climate collapse, etc etc...

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Just had the most ridiculous trip ever:

1. Take taxi to hospital to see mother.
2. Forget to buy item on the way.
3. Mid-winter and slippery.
4. Gas station 800 m away.
5. Go on foot there.
6. Can't figure out how to get across road.
7. Friendly bystander shows me underpass.
8. Icy floor, can't find footing, cling to wall.
9. Sit down on ice, just too slippery.
10. Bystander helps me up again.
11. Taxi to gas station and back again.
12. Miss visitor hours.
13. Item was €10, total cost €25.

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you ever do that thing where you drink an energy drink and then have like TOO much energy and then instead of finishing your work you drive to the local minor league stadium to fight a mascot

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Partially correct. No shutdown, state of was emergency declared. Democrats still butt-hurt.

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Everyone har heard of Trolltunga, a breathtaking cliff in Norway whose name translates to something like Trollstongue in English.

Less known, but far more amusing is Trollpikken (pictured), and it's not hard to guess what "pikk" translates to in this case...

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A Positive Weather Story!
"Despite the many negative impacts typically associated with the recent polar vortex, the record-breaking cold may have killed some harmful, invasive species, according to a press release by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA)."

... so quit yer bitchin'

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"Physics depends on a multi-dimensional universe infinitely centred on an equals sign. This is why where I nap always equals right where you want to sit."

- Sparky the Dimension Dog

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