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"Breaking News: Internet retailers can be required to collect sales taxes in states where they have no physical presence, the Supreme Court said"

Globalism is gentrification writ large.

1A on WAMU is doing a special report and sent a text asking me for my insight and here's how I responded. What do you think?

Any recommendations for CBD oil I can order online?

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that makes complete sense, its the same scam as the 'migrant crisis' in eurostan, is this whole thing, the mass movement of people, on most if not all fronts just some coordinated scam between NGO's and evil asshats like soros? their ends would be the subversion of political opposition and the abuse of these reward systems for handling migrants as well as even up to sex trafficking, money laundering and the like.

i broke the cardinal rule, didn't follow the money.

Discuss. True? Truthy? Fact check false?

Check out @PrisonPlanet’s Tweet:

"Trafficked children are more valuable than adults because the organizations involved get more funding for a child than an adult. Each illegal alien child is worth about $56,000 in grant money. The system is full of fraud."

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How long are those kids kept in cages? Hours, days, weeks, months? Is there a recess period? How shitty is the food? To me it just sounds like going to school.

I added lentils, black beans, and brown rice to the concoction. I guess I'm making either a soup or a stew or something. I overdid the extra water because I just added 2 cups dry lentils, black beans, and a cup of dry brown rice.

After my chicken thighs were done, I ate two for lunch, with brussel sprouts and red new potatoes and red onions, and then I took all the yummy juices and mixed in all of the remaining potatoes, brussels, onions, and then added all the greens that I have into there. Added more olive oil, salt, pepper, cayenne, and chili powder and set it off on low for the rest of the day. Set to 7 hours but I doubt it'll take that long.

Today it's slow cooker bone in, skin on, chicken thighs. Layer one: halved red potatoes; layer two: halved brussel sprouts; layer three: thick-sliced red onions; top layer: chicken sauteed overnight in last night's drippings. Now, 7 hours until lunch. I don't know if this will work. Wish me luck!

Here's some spin:

Those Honduran immigrants were just dropping their kids off at American boarding school.

My one success of today:

Before and after. Bone-in chicken thighs, liberally seasoned with salt, pepper, crushed raw garlic, olive oil, cayenne, chile powder, butter and fresh Italian parsley, basil. Baked 400°F for 45 minutes worked for me.

Border family breakups: super news for the Second Amendment.

Simply everyone in my Facebag was is losing their shit about the babies being torn from their parent's arms. Follow the money. Does it lead to Hill & Knowlton?

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An old school arcade that serves local beer is not a bad way to spend a Father's Day.

At the end of the day, I think most middle of the road and more conservative Americans will err (and vote) more on the side of wanting to enforce stronger borders. So, it might blowback. Because Dimensch B assumes that anyone who feels that way must be a monster. It's inconceivable for Dimensch B to even consider that Dimensch A could want guns over shootings and locked borders above breaking up families. That's their Kryptonite. Seriously.

I'm listening to NPR All Things Considered right now. The GOP is playing the "why are you hitting yourself" game with the Dems over the splitting up of refugees and their children at the border with Mexico. And if I listen with my Dimensch A and Libertarian ears, while the take aways are wrong, the immigrants are doing it to themselves. Self-inflicted, either the most selfless or the most selfish acts the parents, the Hondurans, can make. Either punt their kids to a better life or something else