I feel like an asexual at a strip club whenever I'm at a sports bar on game day.

NPR is interviewing OC this AM. California is so solid blue it doesn't really matter if more millionaires are (publicly saying they are) going to vote Democrat. An extra 3 million votes for Hillary didn't matter. California is not a swing anything. Every millionaire in NY, NJ, California, Connecticut, etc, needs to buy a house and establish residency in a swing state and vote Dem there. Carpetbag the hell out of the 2020. Now that's a strategy.

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ppl who don't own bitcoin will have to clean toilets in order to get a few satoshis

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Using the magic of Hollywood, The Rookie put an extra round through a locked back Glock. Looked like that to me. Minute 36:04. You tell me. Good form. She should sight with both eyes open, though that's not for everyone. Two thumbs toward the target is good training.

This is an actual product they're advertising in NRA's American Rifleman magazine.

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The fucking hubris:

"Facebook is demoting trashy news publishers and other websites that illicitly scrape and republish content from other sources with little or no modification. "

Republishing and linking to content on news sites is their business model!


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Dennis Hof, ‘Bunny Ranch’ owner and GOP candidate for Nevada legislature, found dead after party

Hof, a candidate for the state assembly in a southern Nevada district, died in the hours after a birthday party, his campaign manager said.


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This is how dumb ABC is:

They kicked Roseanne off her show for something that her very show would use as a teachable moment in the show.

Then they say she died from an OD right off the bat in The Conners, so she can never be brought back.

Show will only last 1/2 a season.

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Climate change researchers appear to be ignorant of inflation:
According to "The Daily Meal" a six pack was $3.40 in 1980, $4.96 in 1990, $6.30 in 2000 - so it roughly doubled in 20 years without climate change.

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DNA Evidence Exonerates a Man Who Spent 19 Years in Prison for the Death of His Lover

The California Innocence Project helped free Horace Roberts from prison.

DNA Evidence Exonerates a Man Who Spent 19 Years in Prison for the Death of His Lover reason.com/blog/2018/10/16/ca-

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@chris This all about offering one day shipping to the Israeli Moon Bases.

Jeff Bezos predicts we'll have 1 trillion humans in the solar system, and Blue Origin wants to help get us there


I wonder what all the carbon emissions from all those rockets will do to the environment?

Tonight's Bull is about terrorists blowing up American bridges. I thought they just needed to wait until these bridges collapse on their own from dereliction and criminal lack of funding, maintenance, and repair. — watching Bull

Love the show but this is a lot of propaganda bullshit.

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33rd floor... That's almost too delicious to believe my friend! 😂🤣
@chris @Johncdvorak

Women prisoners end up staying in jail for double the time based on being uppity and mouthy.


I am not shitting you. Demerits for eyeballing and for not taking no for an answer.

Women be defiant!

So, based on the last show @adam must a preface all MLK and JFK quotes with "adulterer" and other things like this? Or, before my yearbook Einstein quote, I need to write "draft-dodging bohemian with sweaty feet, a skirt-chasing cad and a security risk whose outspoken humanitarian politics filled a 1,500-page FBI dossier" -- really?

Sir Paul Simon does a super-shitty karaoke rendition of his own song on Saturday Night Live.


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