Fascinating. Has anyone else seen any of this. I'm only on episode one.

Hunters on TV Time tvtime.com/r/1hNVz

"Nazi hunters discover hundreds of high-ranking Nazi officials in 1977 New York City, conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S.; the Hunters set out to bring the Nazis to justice and thwart their new genocidal plans."

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@ParkerTechGuy Democrats & the M5M need to STOP with the ridiculous Hitler, Nazi, & Holocaust Camp comparisons.

NOTHING that can happen here in the US is anything like those things, and drawing such comparisons is both disrespectful to the millions who died, and a sure sign of low intelligence, coupled with total historical ignorance.

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@chris Whole-heartedly agree. Taxes hit the worse off the hardest. Punishing people for doing things you don't like is not a substitute for encouraging 'good' behaviours. They might say it'll force soda companies to reformulate their drinks, like they did in the UK, but the fiscal impact on those less able to pay their way around it can't be ignored.

Is an old lady from Copenhagen a Krone?

The DC soda tax is a tax on the poor and working poor and lower middle class.

It's dirty tricks.

The DC soda tax will not prevent the working poor from buying sugar-laden fizzy drinks any more than taxation stops people from smoking or drinking.


Hey No Agenda memory brain: what's that speech where the dude says that the Globalists want to attack Iran and Iraq and all of these places? I generally remember it but I can't at the moment. The "plan."

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@chris Well I knew that! 🤣

I am on Tulsi's emails as I am guessing you are too. She's not giving up. As the herd thins - I think Biden and Warren are out next - she will likely be up there on the Dem debate stage.

Which would be perfect for her to be Bernie's running mate (she has supported him in the past) or the Libertarian candidate.

The latter is more likely when Hillary swoops in...

Explain this New Yorker cartoon to me please—the caption is:

“Based on Internet advertising alone, both Michael Bloomberg and the Shen Yun dancers qualified to participate in the debate.”

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@chris @adam @Johncdvorak @dcgirl @ProfWorr @NICKtheRAT @CSB @Johnny_of_the_swamp

Cripes! I had no idea he had been this involved. ...And this coming from Democracy Now so you know they're definitely not pro-Trump but the timing is interesting just the same.

OK, now I literally hate Joe Biden because I really hate the complete unjust Iraq war. Now Joe's on my shit list. Thanks, Democracy Now!


cc: @adam @Johncdvorak @dcgirl @ProfWorr @NICKtheRAT @CSB @Johnny_of_the_swamp

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