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Someone stop me!


"Episode 0002: Valentine's Day and the Florida School Shooting"

"I wanted to make my first episode an amalgam of things that were going on over the course of a few days but I decided instead to just get her in the can."

Happy Valentine's Day, all y'all!

The Chris Abraham Podcast Episode 0: Introductions!

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Oxfam fired four people and allowed three others to resign after an investigation, which also found that drivers were sometimes ordered to pick up prostitutes and that orgies were held at houses near Port-au-Prince that were used by the organization’s staff.

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Pre stream is happening people

Just sent an email to a Richard Burns... Dick Burns. He must have been very cool or really beat on.

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We're live now at with No Agenda episode 1004 #@pocketnoagenda

OK, the pre-stream attempted to start but we're back to the grace and beauty of the

Here's a documentary about Naval 4 Lodge in Washington, DC. It's very interesting and there's a lot of Orientalism-Porn in it. And all my brothers #33 #32

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Yo @chris I haven't gotten over the clocks changing. This is gonna fuck me up for a week 🤣

So, tomorrow's NOT Friday, right? It's only THURSDAY tomorrow