@adam Alcohol ban (no alcohol sales after 20.00 hrs) in the Netherlands, including supermarket deliveries. Also all restaurants, bars closed for the coming month. Grapperhaus (Min. Justice) states: fine for those walking the streets after 20:00 with two crates of beer. Or even better in Dutch: Grapperhaus: ’Met twee kratten bier ben je echt de klos’

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@ReadyKilowatt @adam sorry pubs, bars, restaurants closed! Happy hour at home (only 3 visitors) 24/7 😂

@cheesyalkmaar @adam it's time to start making our own. And growing and such. And nurturing like minded social networks. With my outdoor kitchen we regularly, and , have large groups for dinner and drinks and such. Perhaps this is the new norm. Norm! Sorry about that, part of my Tourette's journey. Perhaps this is the time to bring back the dinner party and salmon in aspic and so forth. At the very least a good capitalist will see a way forward and I thank them for their courage.

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