joel gilbert’s the trayvon martin hoax. -this is the hoax that began the b l m movement.

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How 36 Reporters Brought Us the Twin Towers’ Explosive Demolition on 9/11 [this headline makes it sound as though "36 Reporters" caused the destruction of the Twin Towers]
An Israeli government contractor
founded by a former Israeli spy has partnered with one U.S. state and is
set to announce a series of new partnerships with other states and U.S.
healthcare providers to monitor civilian health and use an IDF-designed
AI system to profile Americans likely to contract coronavirus and to
inform U.S. government lockdown policy.

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It is evil.

Preventing infrastructure and energy production will directly hurt that Syrian population we claim to care so much about.

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All this shutdown makes one wonder. What are the powers that be doing right now? Has the pentagon shut down? What about the CIA? FBI? DEA? Are they all social distancing and why don’t we know? 🤔

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@Ariesian1 Pentagon won't go over 40% capacity. Contractors are completely working from home. Military and civilian personnel are rotating in a few days a week, usually to use the SIPRNet. The parking lot looks so empty.

I don't know about the other agencies you mentioned.

who are you voting for in the usa?

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