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Sheen says....

A "Mask but no Face"

...........Is a Perpetual Phony.

Are they hellbent on creating, "perpetual phonys?"

Worldwide coronavirus cases cross 33.26 million, death toll at 1,000,010: Reuters

3 hours ago September 29, 2020

chaibudesh boosted Azerbaijan Has Declared War on Armenian People: Armenia PM
Al-Manar TV Lebanon / 4min ago

EU refuses to recognize Lukashenko as Belarus president

1 day ago September 24, 2020

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Thanks and blessings to @Lennoxxreverb for showing us a great time in East Texas! @Laurien and I burned cleaned wood and enjoyed fresh air with this one-of-a-kind mother fucker! What a kind and genuine dude 🙏 We hope to see ya again soon brother!

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TOMORROW! LIVE! Join me and @Lennoxxreverb in the smoker for Hog Story episode 114. Leave us a voicemail by calling 430-201-4841.

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