Now its Whooping Cough
Guess needs to boost profits for Q2 2019
Same playbook as MMR

Today, I've seen packaged news stories on Philly and NYC news stations about this.

@adam You've got this nailed. Although I can't seem to find actual info from the company about on the web. Must be on Twitters somewhere....

Frontier Communications Launches Flip Phone Challenge

@ProfWorr I got it first go at duck-duck-go “nuland eu jingle”
Top result.

This weekend, Let's honor our soldiers who died for us by buying cars and mattresses!

@adam @ryanbytes I think the HA feedback complements The Squeaky Chair 😋

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America Just Declared War on Iran and Nobody Blinked

I remember this book, “BASIC Computer Games.” Spent hours after school in the “computer lab” typing in the code. Looks like I’ve found how I will spend my weekend ...

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Fun read. I am barely able to get my Human Resources to use Signal. I refuse to use WhatsApp. is too computer geeky ... no way they'll understand and be able to set it up with out Dude-Named-Ben help.

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As I understood it, recycling metals has always worked pretty well and doesn't need much energy and causes very little pollution. Glass isn't too far behind. Those two are worthwhile. Recycling paper and plastics is filthy and wastes a LOT of energy, causes more pollution than it saves and uses a lot of chemicals that then need to be processed and create more pollution to replace and clean up.

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A long article from Mark Taibbi about the M5M and Russiagate

Part of "Hate, Inc." a series of posting about how the press makes us hate each other. A scathing commentary about the press including a long list of inaccurate (and un-retracted) articles. There should be a reckoning, but there should be. "We broke every written and unwritten rule in pursuit of this story, starting with the prohibition on reporting things we can’t confirm."

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