Hmmm.... Effective today, face masks are mandatory at Valley Forge NHP in indoor areas regardless of vaccination status.

So does this mean that vaccines do not work??? Wait until they see the data on face masks and then our facists & I\|azi-neocon leaders in DC will shut down our society just like Shanghai, China.

I am a lowly analyst that support big integration projects and I am warned at least once a week to keep my work conversations on corporate channels and not to use common IM'ers do anything other than "Are you there" and then move the conversation to the appropriate company channel.

This should never be an issue in a workplace.

I have spent the better part of today working on the new SOGI data collection and reporting requirements for NJ healthcare settings.

I fell like this meme.

@YoungBlood Gina Raimondo does not have the skills of proper commerce secretary like Wilbur Ross. I have seen Ross navigate the business world (especially the coal industry 20 years ago) and he knew how to create deals where everyone got a nice piece of the spoils and were willing to make more deals for more profits.

@NBS In a game where the players are worth trillions, this loss is more of a bruise than the loss of a limb.

This does not account for the monetary issues related to the overnight loans that suddenly were released by the Fed in 2019 that are propping a major piece of the banking industry in the U.S. and Europe.

Bush gaffe!

"The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq. I mean, of the Ukraine"

The FDA pulled baby formula over 2 deaths. Has the FDA seen the vaccines?

@Foneguy89 There comes a time when society has to realize that "Globalism" is the modern day philosophical version or the societal construct created in Germany in the 1930s. With the fighting in Ukraine, we can now see that the majority of the leaders around the globe are using "popular authoritarianism" as the foundation for their "Rules Based Order".

In recent weeks, even documentary videos are being released talking about the "heroic Germans" fighting Stalin in WW2. 🤡 🌎, Indeed.

I guess we had better plan on Trump 2024 because I am certain the Wall Street bankers will pay any amount of money to see Fauci removed from his position of director of NAIAD.


@samuraikid I would be way more fearful is the man in the center of the infograph was Steve Jobs. But thankfully, he has passed away and his wife only has money to purchase influence through Disney and The Atlantic magazine. And Ron Desantis has labeled Disney as a threat worse than Bill Gates.

Bill Gates may have money, but he is truly a repugnant individual that is hated my most.

Hey Red, this song is for you!

You made made this man a king, but perhaps we need a song about a "Red" rose from Texas???


@Dangerous_Clams We have dozens of people that talk like this where I work. It is starting to have an impact on high profile projects because developers cannot write code to match word salad that takes the place of use cases or customer requirements.

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