Hmmm.... Effective today, face masks are mandatory at Valley Forge NHP in indoor areas regardless of vaccination status.

So does this mean that vaccines do not work??? Wait until they see the data on face masks and then our facists & I\|azi-neocon leaders in DC will shut down our society just like Shanghai, China.

I have spent the better part of today working on the new SOGI data collection and reporting requirements for NJ healthcare settings.

I fell like this meme.

I think I need a steak to go as a side to the word salad that was dished out by "Heels-Up Harris".

So was Zika really the problem??? I remember attending a dozen sessions on Zika at a disease surveillance conference in early 2017 thinking the whole thing was a full scale cover operation for a political boondoggle to enrich the elite using taxpayer dollars. Perhaps the coverup was more sinister than we all thought.

I think this the situation that Clint Smith was making his reference about when he told a student to drop the magazine on his AR and start "fingering" the the hole.

Hmmmm.... I guess that place is not quite as secretive as it was when I worked on campus.

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NASA keeps making screw ups on their Mars set out in Pasadena that they use for photos from the red planet.

If it is not a screw-up, then we found the entrance to the Martian Stargate.

Women will not be allowed in the main cabin of airplanes on commercial flights.....


Traveling with the keeper will not be fun anymore.

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