The situation in Europe is currently more dynamic than the simpletons at the US state department can handle. Germany is not wanting to rock the boat with Russia and quite simply could flip sides against the US-UK war mongers as their needs for natty gas are far greater than then need to wage another pointless war.

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If Russia and Germany are becoming friends, Poland is in danger!

There are no friendly kids in the playground, but bully Trump could stop them from fighting.

@useless_idiot @cgarison

Germany simply has much stronger incentive to be friends with Russia than the rest of Europe does. That's where they get their natural gas. Also, a war between Western Europe and Russia isn't good for anyone in the middle.

A couple years ago I would have said it's ridiculous to suggest Germany and Russia would again conspire to invade Poland. But I also would have said "papers please" in Austria and Australia was ridiculous.

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