Et tu Lenovo???? Why do PC companies insist on soldering the RAM to the MoBo so the PC is not upgradeable.

That is a shame because this truly is the cause of the majority of eWaste.

@cgarison It’s ment for use in business not home use. So that’s why no easy ram upgrade.

@RandomDaemon @cgarison If this is anything like past Lenovo laptops, 8gb or 16gb are soldered on, and there is a slot for "up to" 16gb to be installed, for a max of 32.

@PapaVanTwee @RandomDaemon That would be nice because I have an old T430s that is running quite well having been upgraded with an SSD and 16GB of Ram. Splurging for the Core i7 up front was a smart move to keep the computer running for 9 years.

@cgarison @PapaVanTwee Let’s face it, for a majority of users, PCs are still usable for a longer time now.


@RandomDaemon I have a Q6600 Core 2 Quad based desktop system with 8GB of RAM that is still an amazing PC running Windows 10. Considering that is a system built in 2007 with parts out of MicroCenter, it tells you a lot about the state of PCs and why Intel had to force obsolescence on many users in the coming years with Windows 11.

Note: The PC known as "Monster" will be retired at the end of the year after 14 years of service.


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@cgarison @PapaVanTwee Really, unless you are gaming or doing something that requires a lot of CPU intensive usage, most computers from the past five years are more than capable of doing what most people need.

It’s only as you said, the need of the manufactures to push upgrades, that we’re artificially forced into buying new hardware in the name of so called progress.

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