Holy Sheet! AOC and the left has gone into total meltdown mode over the fact that AOC was not in the Capitol building at the time of the riots last month.

Absolutely amazing that people are getting posts deleted for the hashtag .

The truth hurts, but banning that truth makes it burn hotter and brighter than if they let the embers burn out.

@cgarison It takes a strong person to admit their faults and/or failures, it takes a stronger person to admit their faults/failures IN PUBLIC. AOC should admit she lied to the American public in a LIVE press conference for all to see. She should apologize to Ted Cruz for her comments to him on Twitter. I will think more positively if she were to do that, than if she were to actually investigate how its OK for hedge fund managers to manipulate the market, but not OK for us peons.

@cgarison she should stop being the twitter police - and do her job, ie represent her constituents (LOL).

@cgarison lmao wait WHO is she accusing of "spreading lies and misinformation" again?!?


@cgarison wait what?

Was it proved that she was not in the capitol building during the unscheduled tour? Is she still claiming she was?

Or is this "I'm a Democrat politician and you can't tease me on social media"?

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