The AWS issue is really scary. What happens when Bezos and the corporate overlords disagree with a military action taken by the US government? Can they shut down Langley's access to AWS services with only 24 hours notice? DoD has a presence on AWS? Will soldiers die? Hospitals rely heavily on AWS, do patients die because Bezos disagrees with a medical decision made by leadership somewhere?


Almost certainly the military's contracts with Amazon preclude unilateral and/or short-notice shutdowns. Governments and monopolies actually get along pretty well.


@vandys I am 99% sure Parler had a contract like that with Amazon. When Jack Dorsey posts "11+11" you know companies are willing to pay a penalty to make a tactical move and win a battle. In the short game, Amazon wins.

What happens when hospitals and banks see that Amazon can get upset with a transaction and cut them off from their systems? What Bezos does not see is that he has set a precedent that contracts be damned, he can turn off servers when he wants.

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@cgarison @vandys these companies are global. Booting 500,000 patriots is a rounding error that they do not care about. Besides they may pick up 4x that many from the CCP with the this virtue signal.

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