Look at this cut little kitty. I think he should be named Richard.

@cgarison umm smells like asian chicken surprise. I know I always wear sunglasses when I solder too. And computer boards, so unreliable you have to solder on them all the time. Someone should plug in the iron & give them a learning experience.

I really like this avocado school supply case. It is the most perfect shape for some of my "stuff".

I just switched over to @darrenoneill and his rock-n-roll prestream. And that's

I am beginning to believe that Scott Adams theory of the AI is controlling us is more and more true. Yesterday, I stopped by the local freedom store and acquired a new tool. This morning, my local "farm supply" chain sent me an email with their new lower prices on all accessories to fit this new tool including a couple of high demand items. There is no way the algos tracked my movements through the purchase process, but I am certain that the AI was pushing my decisions in the last month.

@cgarison Rons job was sexually abusing women, now the poor bastard gets busted for it.!

Potential GOP star in the making.

Former Army Green Beret Nick Freitas (R) Virginia.

From Trump Peaceful Protest in VA 9-25-20

"Trump makes peace in the middle east Dems can't even keep peace in their cities."

"Democrats don't want equality, they want obedience."

"We need to make sure that our children have a country worthy of the sacrifices made to preserve it."

This is a man that inspires. Hope he wins this election in November.

It's almost time for the

Grumpy Old Bens LIVE! Experience

We are currently warming up the stream.

Tune in now!


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