Dang!!! We have to do something because the 501st Legion definitely is not getting enough funds in the Biden economy.

Much better. Most of the bugs are off the front and the winter road grime has finally been removed. BadWolf, a.k.a. "The Turkey Launcher" cleans up nice for a 4 year old truck.

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There is a YUGE advantage to keeping your cleaning gear in the back of your truck. You can always make it look clean and spiffy in an hour with a good waterless carwash solution and a stack of Costco microfiber towels. The step ladder is kept at the Encampment in PA was bonus for this session. Normally I only use the folding step I keep in the strapped up in the back..

Even Better!!!! The glowies have adopted a logo that looks like the Italian Fascist symbol of Benito Mussolini.

This is AWESOME. The US has GLOWIES marching in the streets of the US carrying Fascist logos while the uni-party Biden Admin is supporting the Nazis in Ukraine.

You could not make it up that the Allied powers have turned into the new Axis regime.

Props to the GLOWIES putting on a street performance yesterday.


Donald J. Trump


Back in September 2020, it was the honor of a lifetime to spend a day with the last surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipient, a True American Hero, Hershel “Woody” Williams.

May he Rest In Peace. #TheGreatestGeneration

Russia is in deep trouble if Peter Daszak is working with Kremlin funded labs to continue studying the Covid 19 and corona viruses.

The next big Covid out break will come from Russia.


Yea.... I have a Harley Davison with a dead battery you could start if you could do this.

I spend way too much money at the "freedom store". But, at least I am now prepared for my future journeys as long as I stay out of Maryland, Connecticut, and California.

I really wanted the Supreme Court to banish the Maryland's assault rifle ban and nor remand Bianchi v. Frosh back to the 4th Circuit. That would make things easier, but I don't often have to work in Baltimore so it is not a YUGE deal.


There is a point when the liberal world order will realize the majority of people are not in the camp of "pro-abortion" and that is a concept which is fully repugnant to the majority in the world.

The pivot from the concept of "pro-choice" will be devastating to the progressive agenda as moderates do not side with the concept of late term abortion and infanticide.


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