Biden : no more fracking.

He loses Pennsylvania & Ohio.

Biden : no more oil.

He loses the rest of America.

Biden : 'I am going to do x, y and z'
Trump : '45 years in Congress and you did nothing.'

America isn't going to vote for this corrupt jerk.

Joe Biden is a train wreck.

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I would say the average person knows more about the issues being debated than Trump or Biden, except that I talk to other people sometimes and they know very little about anything.
Not talking about the NA tribe, of course. We are abnormal.

Good God!!!! Sleepy Joe thinks he is the President and running for re-election.

Ooooh. He starting to mix up words. Time to get joe a bump.

How many Charging stations? China doing that???? What the fuck number of homes/buildings?

Joe Biden has to change the cocaine law to protect Hunter Biden.

I'm white and my grandpa gave me that talk when I started working a job that I needed to carry concealed.

That talk is relative to the situation.

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