Another point to ponder...

Those Q-post out on the chans/kuns take on an entirely different meaning when you read them in the context of Brandon being in the Oval Office with the position of POTUS and not DJT.

This may not have been "the plan" as every describes, but this could have easily been a desired outcome to manipulate the situation into a stronger position of power.

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Let's Go Brandon!

Hindsight being 2020...

Did we really want the somebody other than Biden to win 2020 because the person in the Oval Office this year was going to be hit with some seriously bad circumstances that would cost their party the leadership role for the next 12 years. It did not matter who was in the presidency, the scenario was going to look like late 1970s malaise.

Think about that and then look at the level of strategy played.

Good Lord....

Ultimate Nightmare Scenario....

Chief Justice John Roberts is caught up with the testimony given in the Maxwell trial and "Heels-Up Harris" takes his spot as Chief Justice.

Imagine a country where you go from "arm candy" of Montel Williams to Chief Justice of SCOTUS.

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Let's Go Brandon!!!

This story is picking up some serious traction.

Frankly, "Heels-Up Harris" will not be any worse for the Supreme Court than Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I would say that we have some handwriting on the wall that things are going to be changing over the next 18 months.

IT Quote of the Day:

You know a project is on the right track when the PM tells the Development Lead in the pre-kickoff meeting:

"How would I know what is going on when you have more Indians than a John Wayne movie running around and doing things in the background."

It looks like the energy traders are lining up Pennsylvania to be the next Texas with market price adjustments this upcoming winter.

They are running ahead. Omicron wasn’t supposed to be launched until March 2022. Just like the introduction of the EU “green passports” Liberty stealing system. The masses must be responding well to their Fascist rules.

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