Once in a while we just have to stand back in awe of our government.

The Food Stamp Prog, administered by the US Dept of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amt of free meals & food stamps ever - to 46 mil people.

Meanwhile, the Natl Park Service, administered by the US Dept of the Interior, asks us to "Please Do Not Feed the Animals." Their stated reason for the policy is because "the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”

in swing and The Duke is here…. at least virtually! Trying to get @Johncdvorak or @adam to virtually drop by for the Best Meetup In The Universe!

Even more interesting.... You are mandated to wear face coverings in medical settings. This means all the people in the hospitals were wearing fas mask while inside the hospital as that is the same as the rule I must follow when working in medical facilities. That means all of these cases occurred in vaccinated people wearing face masks.

CDC just lost their recommendation on face masks protecting those that wear them.

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I would think the CDC would be more interested in investigating the vaccines and chasing the batch numbers on the cards to see if it was administered properly or if it was manufactured correctly. These big outbreaks tied to a specific location seems very suspicious to me. Even more suspicious, this is a hospital so there should be twice as many patients showing Covid infections than just the staff. Just saying too many questions not asked by the Journalist writing the article.

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If this article is true, then the vaccine is useless.

233 staff members at 2 San Francisco hospitals have tested positive, most in breakthrough Delta infections.

"Some of the cases were asymptomatic, most involved mild to moderate symptoms and only two required hospitalization, officials said. The infections were determined to be Delta-related because most samples in San Francisco were tested for the variant, which is now dominant in the city."


I never put together the refusal of black and brown people to get the jab in the United States would mark the beginning of a new era of Jim Crow.

That might be the most sneaky thing I have seen in politics in the last 50 years.

Congratulations Team Blue! You just turned your voting base into societies' bottom.


Congress has gaveled closed the session and left DC for 6 weeks.

Hiden Biden has gone to Camp David.

The asylum has been turned over to the inmates for the next 48 hours.

Journalist Catherine Herridge took advantage of the "conspiracy stuff" (17 drops) and put out a coded tweet last night.

It looks like the "🥒 🏭" has lost confidence in the current situation at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Did you not think that this would not happen Gov. Newsome???

California's leaders are extremely stupid.


If one looks at the last 14 days of mess in the White House with Biden, the glue that is holding the wheels on the wagon since the inauguration is Jill Biden. Between her visit to the Olympics, vacation in Hawaii, and then a trip to Walter Reed to remove something from her foot from being barefoot in Hawaii, she has been out of pocket and it really shows that Joe does not have the mental capacity to herd cats.


Fucking Colombo over here has been going ape shit for hours now thinking he owned Bret ,but the question itself was why are we letting illegals across the border and not vaccinated people from Austria. It was a good question but this TDS hole in the head idiot is so broken he doesn’t see how he is the dumb looking one in this and usually every situation…

Joe Biden Runs off to Camp David while everything about his Covid policy has turned into a train wreck when the Walensky announcement derailed the narrative on Tuesday and the inertia has done nothing but stack the problems into an unbelievable mess this evening.

It looks like everything that was discussed on the chans/backchannels about lockdowns, mass vaccinations, federal mask mandates and shutting down schools has all been true and false at the same time.


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