It looks like Epstein was in thorough control of Microsoft before Satya Nadella took over as CEO in 2014.

So if the liberals are cleaning house around the "Covid Hoax" then something might just be in the pipes which will be released by the M5M now that Biden is looking to be a bigger and bigger confidence man.

And we thought Whitmer’s husband breaking the lockdown rules to launch his boat last year was the worst we could get out to the Michigan governor?

Hold my Beer!!!!

Whitmer is now burned!!! Or is it bleached??? I forget. Either way, she is toast and will become political poison.

“She’s referring to the Tuskegee syphillis experiment where doctors lied to patients and her response is: we have to recognize that, and then she says trust the doctors, basically. She gives no scientific fact, no answers to the questions being asked…” — @adam 1344

China’s greenhouse gas emissions exceed rest of developed world combined: report

"Come on, man... they're a third world nation. You gotta give 'em 9 more years before they comply with everyone else."
🤣 🤣 😜 🤣 🤣

When corporations start fighting "election integrity laws," you need to ask the following question:

"Who funded all the shenanigans and illicit activity that gave us the fraudulent 2020 elections???"

We can easily point to Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon, but how much funding was withheld from United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta by the Democrats in Congress to where these companies have become the puppets of the progressive agenda?

Ouch! A co-worker just shared his screen on a conference call and exposed all of his personal banking information from where he was accessing the online bank services on his work PC.

Darren Grimes of Grimerica has a quote that might help convince someone to reconsider the jab.

"So now we are to somehow trust this vaccine that has been fast tracked and given to the #1,2 & 3 of the most violated and sued legal companies in human history to do it.
Without animal trials" That they want to talk about.

Damn. I just made a "Gerry Ford" reference which means I am older than dirt.

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The truth hurts. Biden is the new Gerald Ford. God help our nation.

Things that I learned today....

Squirrels will fight one another until one of them dies.

It makes sense as I have seen this behavior in rodents that I had when I was little. Indeed, this was 15 minutes of valuable learning that I witnessed while eating breakfast looking over the "lower 40" at The Kentucky Compound.

It is not often that I say this, but Texas just joined the ranks of Kentucky and West Virginia.

Hey Harrisburg!!!! Where is PA on the movement of constitutional carry legislation???

We are pushing into second half of show territory with this next rumor, but the latest scuttle butt around the Maricopa County Audit is that the Biden DoJ is preparing to raid the facility to forcefully shutdown the audit process in the county.

Not sure what happens if the DoJ takes this kind of action on the political opposition.

Bootnote: Senator Mark Kelley has been awfully quiet in the last 8 weeks. Does the junior senator have something to hide?

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