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biathlon is by far my favorite winter event

In 2018 you can shoot a Tesla into space.

In 1964 you could ride a Mustang back in time...

styx brings up a good point, about cold war 2.0 and how no ones paying attention it seems, and i have to say i totally agree, i was 17 when the towers fell and we all wanted blood, but we quickly figured out that a pointless war wasn't the answer, so there was an anti war sentiment that paired me with the left, now the left wants to be a nanny socialist state and are gung ho for war 24/7 for fucking ever, so someone tell me how this all worked out and why all these old broads done see it?

If you watched the SpaceX launch/landing: did you have an emotional reaction?

Im getting lots of reports from friends that they either cried or teared up - makes me wonder if the use of Bowie's song was intentionally triggering emotions pf viewers.

So this post got me thinking, aside from snarky answers like podcaster: why declare a gender at all? Seems like a tool someone can use to oppress, stalk, or creep on. What if my gender is fluid?

Let's take this a step further. If globalists want us to have no nations, no borders, why have skin color? Or gender? Or even a unique identity at all?

I could have some fun with this if I felt like poking Dimension B with all this.

@adam This could be an interesting book...

Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet

"In the process of writing Surveillance Valley, I was able to obtain via FOIA roughly 2,500 pages of correspondence — including strategy and contracts and budgets and status updates — between the Tor Project and its main funder, a CIA spinoff now known as the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG)."

How comfortable is it to know how dimension b thinks? un. Very un.

Join me tonight to celebrate 2 years of Nick the Rat Radio! How will we be celebrating? by playing D&D of course! 11pm est

more me me me me bs, lets just change the standards to make things easier because muh equality. what a fucking mess

oxford increases time for exams because, and this is no bullshit 'women dont do as well under time pressure' and my question is, so what.

what i'm saying is, if you aren't smart enough to go to a uni, maybe you shouldn't go or be passed, and if you aren't qualified to make a certain amount of money, maybe its not my problem, maybe its your deficiency.

Feeling like I'm going to be perpetually one show behind.

Here's Dem Response Bingo card, for those who want to tune in to Dimension B (MSNBC and CNN) after the speech

NSA "literally" deleted 'Trust' and 'Honesty' from their mission statement (and adds Integrity and Transparency, but nobody cares about that part?).

I think folks are confusing 'Equality' with 'Who's in Charge". They want equal treatment, after they take the helm and subjugate the rest.