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chrisgennuso ◰™️ @cg_ma

@progo so basically the condom lets you rape?

@PakkonenCT @cg_ma @wolfspider
It is wild as the [ ] approaches how much weirdness arises which just peters out, without so much as a second glance by the authorities in charge. Meanwhile President Trump has a massive investigation with a Special Prosecutor looking at a Russian connection that doesn’t even exist, or even involve the President himself in its allegations…
Awan Security Clearances Forged

@ChrisWilson @PhoneBoy still on 9.3 here - i refuse to update from what my CE shipped with

reporting live from

@Gramerica @Friends_To_Know @Grimsteak honestly its stuff like this OP article that make me glad that i often forget to put it on (dont worry i work from home)

@DaDenMan she went to UC Berkeley and has since become lesbian and adopted the "dont hit on me" short haircut

@DaDenMan the trouble is that girls are weird and fantasize about things like faceless beings ravashing them. My ex told me once that she got off to the notion of political revolution - wtf?

@Friends_To_Know @Grimsteak @Gramerica what deodorants are safe cause im using this old spice new shit that works really well but it says "pnly for use on underarms" which freaks me out

@panda_monium did the total eclipse cooling the air in its path have anything to do w/ this?

It's decentralized youtube apparently