I’m confused

What are politicians looking at that is any different than what we are that leads them anywhere close to a β€˜no widespread fraud seen’ conclusion?

To then certify a fraudulent record?

When there are 4 more just like this πŸ‘‡and who knows what else in the other states?

How dumb are we to tolerate this?

It's a shame that most Democrats cannot see the linkage between lost jobs, lost savings, lost lives, and bankrupt businesses and the Democrat initiated actions that caused them.


@paul_la I thought modern feminism was an OnlyFans page? They're seizing their own means of production!

Hah! - I got a little chuckle out of this. Hackernews users can't believe their eyes.

Gates Found convinced Oxford to sell its vaccine right exclusive to AstraZeneca

"I almost can't believe this is true. What possible reason could the Foundation urge such a destructive course of action on something that is so vital for humanity."

"Ok. That makes me change my opinion of old Bill Gates by 180deg. He is just as evil as when he was ruthless software businessman."


UntrackMe once set by default to open Twitter, YouTube and Instagram links will transform them into Nitter, Invidious and Bibliogram links and delegate the action to another app.

it will be a rapid decline...

national mail-in voting,
eliminate voter ID,
ban restrictions on ballot harvesting,
DC statehood
and more

H.R.1 - For the People Act of 2021
117th Congress

I think the Chinese are racists for not being inclusive to the Mongol settlers and for not redistributing their sustenance. The Chinese must be rounded up for being anti-Chinese.

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