Would have hated to be responsible for the editing together of this 🤨

Good song though

The messaging is out

"Elon Musk: Superhero or Supervillain?"

coming soon to Channel 4 in the UK... Can't imagine it's going to be positive


Easy anxiety remedies:

- Sunlight
- Nature walks
- Less caffeine
- Less junk food
- Lifting weights
- Deep breathing
- Creative hobbies

Don't over complicate it.

Sky News asks Russian Deputy UN Rep Dmitry Polyanskiy about the British Defense Secretary comparing Russian troops to nazis, then cuts him off after he pulls out a tablet and shows the audience Zelensky’s Instagram post of an SS totenkopf-wearing Ukrainian soldier

“I should just say that those, uh, images that were shown by Mr. Polyanskiy we, uh, haven’t been able to independently verify”


TheConservativeWoman news and opinion website in UK gets put on 'adult only' list by the BBFC, censored by ISPs who have to block such sites

Welcome to the UK 😟


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