I dropped my mom off at her senior living center/apartments and one of the ladies I hadn't met before asked me if I've had my shots (like I'm a dog or something πŸ˜‚). When I told her "no" she said "good lord girl, don't do it. I wish I never did." She said she hasn't been the same since she's had hers and there's no way in hell she's taking a booster shot. I was impressed with her gumption.

At least 63.9% of California voters are racist

The recall election in California proves that at least 63.9% of the voters are racists. How else can you explain the outcome of the recall election? California had the chance to have their first ever black governor. Instead they chose to keep a white man in office. Where is the equity? Where is the justice?



πŸ€” If true, this isn't going to be good....

2100 UTC / 1700 EDT / 1400 PDT

"At 2200 BST tonight the Prime Minister will make an on camera address, alongside US President Biden and Australian Prime Minister Morrison, on a strategic national security announcement - Downing Street"


"So-called 'unhackable' mobile phones given to prisoners in Scotland during lockdown by the Scottish Government at a cost of Β£3 million are now being used for drug deals and other criminal activity"

Natch πŸ™„ 🀣


So... Scotland now going ahead with Covid passports even though England has said 'No' (for now)

"From 30 September, customers can download an NHS Scotland Covid Status App to show their vaccination QR codes. From that date, the current downloadable PDF function via the NHS inform website will be switched off.

Anyone unable or unwilling to use the app can request a "secure un-editable paper record of vaccination" instead."

Yeah, let's see how un-editable that really is

Shopping in Asda today, can't have been more that 10% of people (customers & staff together) wearing masks

So happy 😁

@MountainJay I don’t know who wrote the anthem, but it’s awesome!

Have just been introduced to the Dutch band Within Temptation... 😁

Will definitely be looking more into their back catalogue 🀘

Went to a Geocaching Mega event in London a week or so ago, discovered a No Agenda Geocoin 😁

Anyone on Geocaching who wants the code to Discover it, let me know 😎

@adam @Johncdvorak


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