"Some Covid restrictions" in England will stay in place for now, the government has confirmed."

That is to say ALL OF THEM unless you're attending a wedding, are an OAP actually leaving your fortress, a child attending one of a select group of activities or going to an approved football match or music venue

Can't say I feel that liberated 🤔


"A headache, sore throat and runny nose are now the most commonly reported symptoms linked to Covid infection in the UK, researchers say."

So... got the symptoms of the Common Cold means YOU HAVE THE 'RONA AND ARE GOING TO DIE

Next they'll be saying that pollen allergies mean you're infected


"The idea that the majority support lockdown is a grotesque lie. The majority support *furlough*.

If you offered people 80% wages and a year off work, you could get a majority to replace Churchill's statue with one of Osama Bin Laden. It means nothing."

"Your daily reminder that you’re watching the biggest power grab in history. Your government has stopped you from: protesting, meeting your friends & family, having freedom of movement, using cash & travelling abroad.
If you can’t see what’s happening then there’s no hope."


Spent the day chopping branches off an out-of-control Bay tree with a borrowed chainsaw...

Managed to avoid maiming myself with frantically whirring death teeth, managed to slice my thumb open with secateurs afterward

Pfft 🤪

@KellyS Afraid not stretching, it's full on Taking The Knee...

And no, I don't know why it got imported to the UK

Anyway, since crowds returned they have started booing the knee-taking and of course all the TV pundits and politicians are saying they're racist (same as Brexit) when all they want to is watch football rather than be lectured to by a bunch of overpaid men

Anyway, more here:

That told me re the Taking a Knee

... but what if they're just shit?

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