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The car is HOT and will definitely pick up chicks when it's back on the road.

Also older than his ex!

I was here listening...had Frat Bros in town, so had to run them off to the Airport.....Still Love the R&R Pre-Show. Still hitting these 2 in the Mouth.....They "get it" but too much goin on in their lives. Let's listen to the Pod Father now...! Happy Special Sunday to all.!

If you are a journalist using the term "glitch" to explain an internet outage, go fuck yourself. l.curry.com/frh

This is a few days late but I think still of some interest.

Rich Lowry: Yes, Democrats Should Fear the Crime Wave β€” The Patriot Post patriotpost.us/opinion/80213-y

Most inadequate charger I've seen labelled as "charging station"

Get me some Cream...! Nothing goin on here today, as I listen to The R&R PreShow..! Oh....wait...I have a Rear Brake Job to get back to..! :) Have a great day NA Fans.!! Rock It Darren..!

@canamrotax Baby moose doo doo dee doo doo doo, baby moose doo doo dee doo doo doo baby moose!

@canamrotax i just raked up 3 piles of moose turds from my yard earlier this week while thatching. they always eat up trees in my front yard in the winter.

Worst SNL writing I have ever seen. The only plus is most cyrptocurrencies are tanking πŸ˜‚

Thought we would continue the drinking game for SNL, shot for every laugh. Stone cold sober so far...

All the should be watching the concert, and take a drink everytime someone says "hope" or "equality"

I’m am shocked, shocked, I tell you that another jab is going to be required

β€œElon Musk denied that the car was on auto-pilot self-drive mode, which never gives anyone any pause about how much they know about you and your driving. And you really trust one company with your car to be tracking you and everything you’re doing…” β€” @adam 1340

Watching the Oscars for the first time in many years, I'm wondering did they shoot some of this in the holiday inn?

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