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And if the old guards still offend
They got nothing left on which you depend
So enlist every ounce of your bright blood
And off with their heads

Jump from the hook
You're not obliged to swallow anything you despise

See, those unrepenting buzzards want your life
And they got no right
As sure as you have eyes
They got no right

The almighty wove your life into the skein of time long before you were born. Hide in a hole if you wish you will not live one second longer.

Does anyone else figure Dave Grohl as a spook?

My latest sun is sinking fast, my race is nearly run
My strongest trials now are past, my triumph has begun
Oh, come angel band, come and around me, stand
Oh, bear me away on your snow white wings
To my immortal home
Oh, bear me away on your snow white wings
To my immortal home

ok so over the past couple of weeks I have been fretting over how "they" are going to get to me with their Vaccine.

I honestly can't beleive my luck.
I have a small business (back end web stuff) Holler at me when squarespace fails you. so not through work

I think I might be one of the lucky fat guys to steal second

Can I steal home?

Remember when it was fun to laugh at cnn? I would venture to guess most folks here have had a civics class and for that we are all uncomfortable.. Why? cause we have been taught what has to be done. No wants that but here we are folks. What do we do guys? where do we line up to fight the death of the constitution?

People who feel an urge to correct other people’s grammar are actually suffering from a form of OCD: Grammar Pedantry Syndrome

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