@KitteesPJs @Geesmill here's the whole post she put on Tiktok. This has just galled me. I'm a small business owner. I'm well versed in HR law. I'm also the vice-chairman of the board of a small, rural hospital. I'm blown away why they treated this poor woman this way. Why all of the theatrics in this? If you want to fire her, then fire her. They know there's a lawsuit coming. I have said this before, that I wish I would have been a lawyer. I'd be rich lol! Unbelievable behavior.

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@cableguy Thank you for that. I totally agree with you. It's the smug, cold-heartedness that gets me. It's galling. It wouldn't be as bad if they came to her and said "yes, we have to fire you because this is the new rule, and we totally understand that it's a terrible situation all around and we wish you the best of luck... we're so so sorry." But instead they almost literally put their boot up her ass. Notice how they refuse to fire her though. There's some legal shenanigans afoot for sure.

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Wow, first thing poppin’ up in my mind was: TYFYC, Ashley and friend. And let this be an example to be followed.

I would take it a step further if they refuse to give you anything in writing that you're fired that they end up having to call the police to remove you from the property at least you got something in writing as to the date and circumstances.
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@Alvin @WoodyDK @KitteesPJs @Geesmill Why does the hospital play this game? I'm going to play like I'm on the other side of this. Kentucky is an employment-at-will state; they don't have to give a reason at all to fire someone. The only they're doing this is to create some sort of flimsy defense for an unemployment claim. It's easier to just let someone go than try to fight it. This is going to become very common quite soon across the country.

@andy_starr @cableguy @KitteesPJs I'm not so sure the courts seem to be going along with this nonsense. Hopefully that turns around.

@Geesmill @andy_starr @KitteesPJs From what I see in the video, this is in Bowling Green KY. The security guard makes a big fuss about not giving his consent to be recorded. Kentucky is a 1-party-consent State as far as the law goes... He, along with the rest of the crew in there, is just trying to bully that poor soul. She has every right to record the entire proceeding.

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