Here is a short clip from the Peter McCullough interview that was clipped on the most recent NA show. In this portion, he talks about natural immunity and his opposition to vaccinating children. I found the portion of his discussion on naturally-immune people quite interesting. This could explain how some people just don't seem to get COVID despite being exposed repeatedly, even from within a household, etc.

Episode 2 of the Angry Tech News podcast is now out.

Apple vs Epic, Apple vs kiddie porn, Apple vs. the Environment, ProtonMail isn’t so private after all, and Tesla offers FSD only to drivers who don’t need it.

Everybody is going to be paying more in taxes (plus more for gasoline, electricity, food, clothes, housing, etc) under Biden.

Was it really worth this mess to get rid of Trump?

Talking to my neighbor across the street. Good guy. Nice family.

His wife is a schoolteacher.
He said he is fed up with all the Covid bull crap. He plans to run for school board or city Council or something, because he can’t stand the Idiocracy anymore. Last school board meeting the vast majority was anti-mask, and a handful of people were pro mask. The board voted to require masks.

“Not gonna take it anymore.”

This gives me hope that maybe the tide is turning.

To my fellow producers out in CA for tomorrow, I hope your recall goes well!

@KitteesPJs @Geesmill here's the whole post she put on Tiktok. This has just galled me. I'm a small business owner. I'm well versed in HR law. I'm also the vice-chairman of the board of a small, rural hospital. I'm blown away why they treated this poor woman this way. Why all of the theatrics in this? If you want to fire her, then fire her. They know there's a lawsuit coming. I have said this before, that I wish I would have been a lawyer. I'd be rich lol! Unbelievable behavior.

What sleepy Joe said this evening is agitprop. Don't go for it and act out because this is their goal and they have been prepping the stage for alt-right white nationalist violence in order to inact more draconian legislation.

The best mode of operation is to align with class action lawsuits that are going on.

It certainly can’t come as a surprise that a politician would lie. Back in December, Bo Jiden promised there would be no need to make the vaccine mandatory, or establish a national mask mandate. How quickly things change...

Christians are not instructed in the Bible to take or not take a vaccine, who to vote for or where to work.

But we aren’t left without a guide either. We are told to trust our conscience, to not give in to fear or despair and are led by the Holy Spirit.

My conscience seems quite clear that I should not surrender to tyrants, authoritarians or fear mongers.

God has conquered empires and tyrants countless times before, and shepherded those called to his purposes through far worse.


My fellow NA friends... We stand together against this tyranny. I am not getting this shit. This is a promise.

This shit is so fucked up I can't even get through today's show because they aren't talking about what just happened since it obviously was announced right after the show was recorded. It seems like discussing anything else is so meaningless right now

Most of our problems are because we act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting.

Meanwhile, in partnership with fast food chain Wendy’s, Labor Department to announce that all US workers must try the new Baconator®, now 50% off, or face fines up to $69,000.

I am having a real hard time keeping my amygdala small right now. After seeing the lying, wanna-be tough guy, and hearing him spew lies, I am so pissed off. This affects a lot of people in my life. Please know, I am aware of it and working on it. That being said, fuck the biden regime. (His name deserves no capitol letter).

I'm starting to root for Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

“The more I spoke out against the illiberalism that has swallowed Portland State University, the more retaliation I faced.”

@deathpanels Lack of hands on mechanical problems.

Feeding children. Milking cows. Mending a fence. Washing clothes.

Necessary, hands on, menial activity

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