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"[Facebook has] been trying to figure out how to change people's minds [or] motivate them to do something specifically in voting and they did it during the elections!" — @adam 1083

There are suspicions that the first Yellow Vests in Paris has been shot dead by french police. Does anybody know more?

"[The news media] never mention[ed] once, [because she] was a Republican, the first Korean woman in the United States ever to be elected to the House of Representatives. It wasn't mentioned on CBS, it wasn't mentioned on NBC…" — @Johncdvorak 1084


@Johncdvorak: Is that the best they can do? It's got no jazz to it: Donald Trump is not above the law.
@adam: You're right! There's no melody, there's no nothing…
J: It's not catchy.
A: Our jingle people do better than that, and you know they will!

Trump White House Revokes Jim Acosta's WH Pass, Denying Him Entry on to the Grounds

Video: Acosta pushing lady's arm to keep mic.

Just FYI, Trump requested Sessions' resignation. It's in the former AG's letter.

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