"[The news media] never mention[ed] once, [because she] was a Republican, the first Korean woman in the United States ever to be elected to the House of Representatives. It wasn't mentioned on CBS, it wasn't mentioned on NBC…" — @Johncdvorak 1084


@Johncdvorak: Is that the best they can do? It's got no jazz to it: Donald Trump is not above the law.
@adam: You're right! There's no melody, there's no nothing…
J: It's not catchy.
A: Our jingle people do better than that, and you know they will!

Trump White House Revokes Jim Acosta's WH Pass, Denying Him Entry on to the Grounds

Video: Acosta pushing lady's arm to keep mic.


Just FYI, Trump requested Sessions' resignation. It's in the former AG's letter.


President Trump unloads on CNN's Jim Acosta after he questions him on the migrant caravan, has his mic taken away.

"CNN should be ashamed of themselves having you working for them. You are rude, terrible person. You should not be working for CNN."


I wonder if this is going to be like a Phili or Boston win where the party supporters that win go out and flip and burn cars to celebrate how good the are?

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