Bless the person who did the zephyr end of show song.


Getting this error in chat:

== Cannot send to channel (+m):

Username GregDavies

Any ideas?

2018 National Geographic Photo Contest | National Geographic

A reliable source relayed this story to me....

A douchebag couple with a douchebag dog moved into a unit

They had a Roomba programmed to clean while they went out

They left the dog inside the unit

The dog shits on the floor

The Roomba fires up and starts it’s cleaning routine which went about smearing the dog shit all over the unit

I love technology!!!!

Oh I expect some clips on Thursday's show

"Now, the focus shifts to Alphabet (GOOGL) and the CEO of its Google unit, Sundar Pichai, who will be the lone witness during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday to address claims by Republicans of bias against conservatives, as well as deep concerns over how Google collects and uses personal data."

Australia passes controversial encryption law - which will force companies to make "backdoors" for law enforcement.

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