@butterdog they need to be internal filters IMHO, those things are an eye sore and makes me wonder if it's an April Fools holdover

Could be, I'm pretty sure the site was up before April though, I only just re-found a link to it.

@butterdog I know it's not really an April Fools gag, it just looks like one. But no one is going to buy this ugly thing, no matter how many thousands of dollars it ends up being. Facial adornment preference is unique to most people, but covering a nose up with a polygonal box? Even if it is comfortable, it doesn't look comfortable in any way, as well.

I dunno man, I hope this DOES become a thing because it would be funny as fuck to see these people in the wild.

I forgot who said it (maybe Carlin?) but think about the average person, of average intelligence, then remember than roughly 50% of people are dumber than that.

@butterdog I’m holding out for the Squidward nose to drop

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