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There is a feud, now in its 9th year, between 2ch/5ch anons and a lawyer who tried to sue the site to find poster identities.

The wiki doesn't translate particularly well as it's loaded with memes, but you can easily spend an entire day reading the entire saga if you're so inclined.


Here are some of the highlights, probably only interesting to those who care about internet culture.

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How the mighty have fallen.
From Torba on Gab, can't confirm.

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Up to 9,000 passengers at an airport in Medan may have been tested with covid testing swabs that were washed and re-used.

Police said they believed the scam had been happening since last December at Kualanamu airport in Medan, North Sumatra.

Profit from the scheme- estimated to be around 1.8bn rupiah (£89,700; $124,800) - was used to fund the construction of a lavish house for one of the suspects.

WaPo shelves it's Biden fact check database after the first 100 days because

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Globohomo's new secular religion is the cringiest and most heretical one yet, they deserve the worst possible forms of torment that can be experienced by a human being for creating a cult that creates things that are this horrifically awful.
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i hope any white person who uses the word 'Karen' gets to experience their girlfriend crying their eyes out because the black people at work use it to bully her for doing their job properly; and other similar scenarios. Like my sister being fired for being a 'Karen' when she stopped some black women from shoplifting. Fuck you people

Can someone with a reddit account please visit this page and tell me/screenshot what you see. I'm interested in if there is an option to download all your private messages. Thanks.

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