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Here is the first of my "all 80's music doesn't suck" not in any particular order. Just one song from each record but you should check out each complete record.
The Replacements - Pleased To Meet Me.

I wish I had done a much better job composing this photo when I took it but I was trying to be discreet. Anywaze, the last word on the hand written sign behind the bullet shield is 'hand', the next time you wash your poultry, be sure to use conditioner so they don't get the frizzies.

This is turning into really SWEET day. Can't wait to pick up the kids from School.

I hear @Johncdvorak talk about NEWSY often. I did a scan of channels on the el-cheapo tv tuner I bought and NEWSY is OTA in the Detroit Metro area?? Who knew...?

I am glad today was not one of my days to drive 49 miles one-way to the office.
'Hello all, there are fire alarms going off in the Dearborn building this morning due to relocation of some sprinkler heads in the office area. We are having an issue silencing the audible portion of the alarm. We have a call into a technician to assist. If you plan on coming into the office this morning, you may want to delay for a couple of hours. Its very loud in here. '

Just a few stickers picked up yesterday at an informal lunch with a Baron, a Dame and a few other Knights. We mostly talked about fuel cells, electric cars and accounting malfeasance at one of the local gun clubs.

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