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For a brief second I thought that was a young, rebellious Bill Nye and Bill Gates.

I published this on TBVHPITU (The BestVideoHostingPlatformInTheUniverse) for posterity's sake. It's already MIA on Ewe Tuba.

I have noticed a few new Gadsden flags go up in my area in the past month.

@bufordk hello! ๐Ÿ‘‹ Thank you for the warm welcome! How nice!! Happy to be here. Itโ€™s really fun!

Do you know what noise awakes you
Every morning from your bed
A coming from the farthest hillside
A coming from inside your head

You have heard
You have heard the loudest sound
In this and every world you can think of

Louder than tanks on the highway
Louder than bombers in flight
Louder than noises of hatred
Dancing us from darkest night is the rhythm of love
Powered on by the beating of hearts

Evening from Scotland! How are we NA family?

Updating instructions on setting up computer to company login to Bank of China . Couldn't resist the font...

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