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Apparently Open Borders was not deemed to be a good idea at a very crucial point in OUR history.

More TV anchors are getting tired of the bad scripts they're told to read.

Brenton Awa, anchor for KITV in Honolulu. He says heโ€™s no longer with his TV station after a fiery showdown with the executives over journalism and dissemination of false information.

I was messing around making screen caps with VLC one day that I just rediscovered. This one is worth sharing.

Just heard about this.
Flint declares a State of Emergency over rising gun violence

Flint has seen 39 homicides so far this year, which is a 30% increase over this time last year.

@bufordk This stuff is awesome! Tell your sister her first customer is very satisfied!

I went to the chiropractor today and when I got there I immediately found out they were not screwing around with the Delta variant at all. They are already doing the max they were doing during full lock down. Elaine the office manager asked me to wash my hands and have a seat in the exam room while I waited for the doctor. Bastards!

On the most recent @MoeFactz (I believe episode 64) a producer asked if he had seen the Trayvon Hoax documentary. Anyhow here is an interview Michelle Malkin did withe the investigator who made the movie.
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Michelle Malkin - The Trayvon Hoax Interview


A text conversation with my 19 yr old son who is flying into DC from Frankfurt after two weeks in Budapest, Slovakia, and a few other places. (He was adopted from China at 16 months.)

Hey mate. My sister and her husband will be making regular trips up North (Michigan term usually meaning North of wherever the hell they live but most likely to the upper 1/3 of the state and the U.P.) so her availability will be spotty the next month or two. I have product so if you still want honey I can get it to you. I am only 100 miles from Toledo but I am frequently in the Detroit area and South. Sounds like the makings of a meet up. Just let me know.

What a great trio!. Cobham gets the recognition he deserves but Bailey and Rypdal not so much. Rypdal has been on of my favorites since high school (late 1970's)

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