Good morning, No Agenda Social.

Everyone is saying this is going to be a tough week. It's going to be bad. It is going to be our 9/11 or our Pearl Harbor. No matter what there's not a lot of optimistic talk going on.

I'm turning 50 in two days. I hope to one day look back at this week and see it as the point things started getting better. Where people started pulling together and forgetting petty political arguments.

Is there anything I can do to make your week better?

Let me know!

Yeah, the voice is creepy and the music is scaaaary but I believe content of the message holds up.

Did an interview on a podcast today and totally plugged The No Agenda Show.

"Now I got nothing against the press. They wouldn't print it if it wasn't true."

- - Joe Jackson

Well, now that 35% of the company has been furloughed, it was time for my meeting today. I got off with a paycut equal to the amount I had 5 years ago when business was crappy. If given the choice of all options, I would have chosen this. Good thing the chiefs allowed me to develop/run/maintain things that are vital to the rest of the business in a vacuum with no backup for a long-term absence. Otherwise I would have filling out
a bunch of forms today. I got lucky.


HA! Of course you may always quote me. Seems highly apropos for that image.

And I am SO SORRY I SAW THAT. Ick x 1000.


who's health are they looking to secure?
dont you love how these people freak the fuck out and then make these silent retractions that absolutely no one on fed book will read, partially because i'm kinda positive most people on fed book are illiterate and have the reading comprehension of a grape
if these people were truly intelligent, they'd broadcast this for their moronic masses of asses but then muh sales would go down and omg people would get back to work and not be welfare slaves

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