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Catching up on ABL Live right now. Here is a screen grab of one if the first commenters.

We're doing some post holiday cleaning today. This is where my wife should have put it ti start.

I was surprised to learn today that Costco was discontinuing their photo, tape transfer and ink tank refill services at keast at the stores anyhow.

@adam I’m a converted JRE listener. Listened to almost every JRE for past 3 years and haven’t listened once since he went exclusively to Spotify. Looking at JRE Reddit it seems there are many others like me. I was also a big Stern fan back in the day and never listened or missed him after he went to satellite. Life moves on and I have hours of No Agenda to listen to every week

If you use Android and you like free speech, DON'T USE TUSKY. The developers of Tusky have already demonstrated that they're pro-censorship assholes. Use Husky (a fork without the censorship bullshit) or use Fedilab.

I stayed up to watch Joel Kinnaman on Skavlan. Really like his role in "The Killing". He had some funny stories.

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