@Hank I have about 20 minutes on 3.930.0 if you are available

As I log hours and days on my de-Googled Android phone Here is one the the best examples of

How many out there have unwittingly slipped terms like m5m or libjoe into a conversation with the average bear not realizing they have no clue what you mean..then realize it but they don't even say huh?

New Episode of "Moe Factz with Adam Curry " Podcast now available!!! www.moefactz.com

@Bishop @Kalvo @PG_Kelly cert companies literally have a licence to make money out of nothing. If I was a cynical man I would say that playing on fear was the point. Same goes for anti-virus companies.

@OhVinnie @aighead

I applied for a promotion at work and before my interview I donated to the show. If my donation did anything it made me righteous and arrogant enough to tell my boss that I was best prepared for the future of this place and he'd be a fool to give the job to anyone else.

I got it of course.

It was more of a "magic hubcap" moment but if it works, it works.


Oh @WowMachineRadio

I thought this was a fine thing to say:
“From our heart, we declare that we, the peoples and nations, have risen up in search of liberty,” Vargas said. “We recognize the bravery of the men and women who rose up.

BIG lessons for all free people. Can't get it done behind a keyboard.

Oh - whoever is in charge of emojis is a world class, A number one cunt.

What used to be a revolver is now a green gay frog toy.

🔫 What a fucking maroon.

UHF Allstar node under construction. It will be set up on 446.150 (PL 100.0Hz) simplex node for now in East Asheville, NC. Hopefully this $3 china CM108 adapter will have a functioning GPIO like the internet said it would... RPi SD card is imaging as I type.

To the best of my knowledge all requests to be in the No Agenda Hams Directory have been completed. If I have missed anyone in error please send me a DM. I wonder who the first Ham from Gitmo Nation Lowlands will be.

Big thanks to @Hank for his DMR to Allstar node and for the info on programing my DMR. I'm now able to connect with my HT. Check it out on Talk Group 310746

It's nice to have options to connect with other Echolink, DMR, and hopefully I'll be able to setup an Allstar node for my neighborhood to use.

Pressing the 'record' button on my recording device.

@OhVinnie @amuir @OVDB
Spending time in the Nordic state of mind this afternoon

Rypdal - Bailey - Cobham @ Jazzfestival Viersen 1994 - Part5 (last) - The Chasers


@OhVinnie Just like Brown Cheese, this guy is a Norwegian icon.

Terje Rypdal and The Chasers - Chaser

They are credited as "Terje Rypdal Trio", but the song "Chaser" from the album "Chaser" (1985) was released with the group "Terje Rypdal and The Chasers". Th...


Oh @bufordk @WowMachineRadio has been such a great addition to NAS.

I forget how I got onto the web app gig. It was back during the yovinnie day, cuz that' my in to the blockstack.

Lots more going on today than there was in the beginning. Seeing that this gets no m5m coverage, that is encouraging.

Keeps ole Big Eye and Zuck the Cuck and Jack Off out of our bidness.

@ProfWorr @Kalvo

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