"The ones to blame are in plain sight. Our hysterical elected officials, academics, journalists and so on. Whether the mass hysteria was planned or due to a positive feedback spiral of fear-of-infection, their responsibility is to be robust to such mind avalanches."


"Im Grunde müsste man den Journalismus völlig reformieren, vom Kopf auf die Füße stellen. Er ist völlig dysfunktional."


„And, as Dr. Birx tells us on page 33 of Silent Invasion, she likes to do things. (‚I prefer doing things rather than talking about them.‘)
Testing is doing things!“


„That is the Health Minister of a major European nation, high on Paxlovid and God knows what else, dreaming about how to enforce selective mask mandates by adjusting the background colours on a cellphone app. This is the world that we are in right now, this is actually happening.“


"from climate to social justice, gender to violence, it’s all made up. they’ve been telling tall tales and being believed for so long that they cannot imagine any other practice, certainly not one rooted in reality. this is late stage devolution into delusion."


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