Supercut: M5M mocks Joe Rogan for claim they invented about horse paste

It was the greatest failure of politics in a century or perhaps in all of human history, when you consider just how many governments were involved in committing the same idiocy all at once.
Tragically, science itself, or at least the government’s version of it, stands discredited, simply because it was the basis on which all this destruction has been justified.

WATCH THIS: Joe Rogan annihilates @drsanjaygupta over vaccinating children. Sanjay seems utterly lost here; almost as if he's never been challenged on this outside of the imploding television medium of 30 sec scripted sound bites and groupthink circle jerks.

Good deconstruction of a BBC news article. Watch it before it is taken down. (It will be).

Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to roll?

It is time once again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Preshow!

Tune in now!

Luxembourg’s third silent white march will take place on October 15th, just before the next vote on the COVID law scheduled for 10/18/2021. Details on

Here's Fauci PRE-CORONA discussing rolling out mRNA vaccines in october 2019 without going through the normal testing phase. Chilling #tw or

“ We need citizens capable of critical thought, not a government who thinks it knows better and can decide who is allowed to say what.”

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are all down after a Facebag whistleblower comes forward. Coincidence, I think not.

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