I changed the VPN location and I could get into the Chat Room

hey I can't use the chatroom with a VPN! Just started using a vpn - interesting

Wow I haven't been on here for 2 years

Earthquake was very noticeable in the OC near the beach. FWIIW

I just got smashed by some "weaponized" information! I'll never be the same!

Is there a search mod on Mastodon? I don't see it.

Maybe Netflix went to a simple thumbs up or down rating system to spare Bill Nye embarrassment. I could only watch about 5 minutes or so. To tell an audience that it isn't a show for kids and the talk to them like they are children is so stupid!

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Interesting that my notifications column was empty until this morning. Now a flood, weird.

@adam I posted this on Facebag - a recent Nerdist podcast, where Hardwick interviews Doree Shafrir - his buddy Matt Mira's wife. She worked at Gawker in the very early days - later Buzzfeed. Hardwick makes a concise comment about Social Justice Warriors becoming bullies. Hardwick is not very political publicly, but he made an excellent observation.

Why does the ShowPrep Bot keep displaying the same stories over and over? Also 4 year old ones, going to unfollow if this is the norm.

Does anyone know how to change the columns on this interface. I really don't like how there is one active column out of 4. I would really like to be able to customize the view.

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