Scale of disaster site after fatal Madrid explosion revealed in aerial footage filmed by Spanish police (VIDEO)

Footage filmed from a police helicopter above the scene of Wednesday’s gas explosion in downtown Madrid captured the extent of the damage inflicted in a blast that has killed three people. Read Full Article at

Shut up slave!

Keep doing a something that is obviously ineffective because.....


Stupid effing politicians and the sheep that follow them. baaaaaaa......

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Re @aaronjmate amazing how Trump was prevented by courts from instantly undoing Obama executive orders, whereas Biden is permitted to instantly undo Trump executive orders. #Biden #Climate #Obama #Trump

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Just had a random thought..


> White Nationalist Richard Spencer, who popularized the descriptive term "alt-right," Voted for Joe Biden

Everyone knows that Airstrip One was always the capital of Oceania!

A local tragedy!
When the strip clubs are boarding up, the end is near!
"Give it up for Raven"!!

Ex-Guantanamo chief prosecutor calls for ‘DOMESTIC WAR ON SEDITION,’ suggests GOP congressman more guilty than Gitmo detainees

Retired US Air Force Col. Moe Davis spent years prosecuting alleged Islamist terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, but now his sights are set on domestic threats, including the Republican congressman who beat him in the 2020 election. Read Full Art...

U.S. Chamber of Commerce (China) controls this traitor to America.

Four years ago we launched a great national effort to rebuild our #Country, to renew its spirit, and to restore the allegiance of this #Government to its #Citizens. In short, we embarked on a mission to make #America great again for all Americans. #News #NTD #Trump

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"NYPD, FBI, Pentagon, Capitol Police all believe they saw something bad coming [on Jan 6]…[So] why weren't the resources deployed?…Who made that decision?"

@jsolomonReports talks #CapitolAttack & expected Crossfire Hurricane docs

🔴PREMIERE 7pm ET: #News #NTD #FBI #Hurricane #NYPD #Pentagon

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