Had a great time at the Philly Local 76 last night! Thanks to Sir ScatMan of Norristown for organizing!

@adam fyi itm.im no longer works. noagendahr.org/peerage is still far from up-to-date, but it has a lot more than the old map

So the measles vaccine patent expired today. Curious timing with this outbreak. patents.google.com/patent/US31 @adam

@ServerStatus seems I’m unable to authorize any third-party clients. Can anything be done about that?

@adam I think you’ll appreciate the most recent episode of South Park, if you haven’t seen it already.

@adam the facebag browser history stuff is both from the browser within the app and from all the like buttons and facebag beacons across the web.

@adam re: “brand authenticity”, they’ve already fucked up by using the term “brand”. If they truly want to be “authentic” they’ll start calling themselves companies again.

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