Presidential elections in Brazil two phases. Yesterday was the 1st phase. Lula candidate from the left, ahead in votes around 5% more than the current right winger president running for re-election.
Lula led the largest corruption scandal called " Operation Car Wash" 6.2B USD. If the result persists, left will be back in the office and they could try to beat their own record. Sad but true
The color code is the same as in USA.🥴 @adam @Therealdvorak @andrewhorowitz

Elections in Brazil is in 4 days, I’m impressed with the level of misinformation produced by the media, more than ever before!

Guys, On the episode 1478 (Aug.18th) Thomas Pears made a donation. Looks like he just moved and sounded to be already in Brazilian soil.
We the local NA producers are trying to get on hold of him and also plan a meetup. Does anybody know him here at NA Social? If he is not here, but you know him, can you pls contact me?
Any help will be much appreciated guys!
@CSB @drebscott @jennifer @Johncdvorak @PhoneBoy @adam @voidzero

To No Agenda IT guys, I am trying to learn python to automate some stock price monitoring. I got stuck into a IF not presenting the desired result, anybody willing to help?

from requests_html import HTMLSession
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import lxml
session = HTMLSession()
link = session.get('')
html = BeautifulSoup(link.text, 'lxml')
price = html.find('span', class_='IsqQVc')
if price < 21.00:
print ("Buy ENBR3")
print ("Wait more")

@adam @Johncdvorak @El_Duderino Yesterday's F1 race at Silverstone-UK had a huge crash and a red flag on all on first lap. During the broadcast very few channels mentioned, besides the crash the red flag was declared due to track invasion by climate change protestors.
On this YouTube video you can see the invasion and hear a honest feedback & support from the local community 😊:

@Johncdvorak @adam and all NA family. I've watched this full video, there were no deviation on the translation from portuguese to english; worth watching as it gives good version of the facts.

Tucker Carlson full interview with Jair Bolsonaro

I wish I could just block the IT end users, into the “collab tools” MSTeams”, as the only thing they do is complaint about each and everything from IT.

After some time, yesterday I went to Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo. I was surprised with the number of homeless and tents under MASP and in the parks around.
[picture not mine - pasted here just for reference]

@adam @Johncdvorak On the show "1381" the portion related to drought in Brazil, as usual it is all “bul….t”, every year from Apr/Oct there rain volumes are very low, on the entire country,100days in row with no rain is very common. Also the BBC report has huge geographical mistakes.
Well, nothing new in regards the media, just wanted to know from boots on the ground.

In Brazil a lady lost her job because didn't want to accept the vaccine. Took the case to court and judge endorsed the termination. This now openned precedents for similar sentences in future.
I am not surprised but this is very concerning as it may be a new trend…
@adam @Johncdvorak

This is the profit results from the largest TV channel in Brazil over the past 8 years.
Huge lost, especially after the new president (Bolsonaro) took the office and quit having them as the main/favorite channel for government publicity money.
@adam @Johncdvorak

Suffering huge pressure from the family to take the vaccine. I was willing wait or not take the vaccine...wonder how you guys are dealing with this type of situation...🥴

Well this one is interesting....
"Director of Misinformation"?!?!?!

I am seeing a lot of European sports “stars” joining the social media “boycott”…the funny factor is that they used the social-media to announce that they will boycott the social media. Wait what? 😂 😜 🤔

I am trying to build a yoke for Flight sim, having some difficulties with the code/sensors, is there anybody versed on Arduino who would be willing to help?

Guys… few shows back, @adam did mention that someone sent him a laptop loaded with Linux and it was running like a champ…does anyone have any intel on the hw specs as well as Linux distro used? I’m looking for some guidance to get one myself.

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