Happy Saturday! You can see CLT in the distance.

I was flying at ~390'

The problem is that we are all connected yet millions are still alone; one of the symptoms of the problem are these school shootings.

The answer is genuine communities where people love on one another. Shouldering one another's burdens; selfless acts of service and love; that's how we dig our way out of this.

@adam I’m jab free and had the coof twice in 4 months, at least according to an at home test

"We can send ones and zeros to space and back but if you have a couple paper thin leaves in the way we have to shut it down"

I've actually not noticed the interruption during normal usage.

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How does this equate to interruptions every 20 seconds?!? Oh Elon!

This week finally brings some movement in the case against the murderer of our fellow NA Producer Sir Three Legged Dragon of Calder Ridge, TN.

Whether you pray or send karma, please keep Dame Blondeighlocks and her three sweet girls top of mind as they re-live the tragic events of Sept 13, 2021 in court; their loss and hurt is unimaginable to 99% of humans alive today.

Update on the Sir Three Legged Dragon murder:

Went up to TN to help Dame Blondeighlocks move the last bit of furniture out of the house and she’s got a nice little rental house about an hour away. Sheriff’s were there on standby since the psychopath that murdered Joe posted bail and was allowed to come home, albeit on house arrest.

The girls are doing about as well as you’d expect and taking it day by day, trying to pick up the pieces. I’m still completely befuddled by the events of 9/13…

Honored to spend some time with Dame Blondeiegh Locks and her sweet "girlies" (Joe's nickname for them) today.

Donate to this precious little girl who will never know her Dad...

They have a long road ahead and need your help.


C’mon Fam, we’re almost there!


Dame Blondeigh-Locks is seeking justice for her husband’s senseless murder and the scumbag is still free to walk around like nothing happened; she shouldn’t have to worry about how she’ll pay for anything.

Dame Blondeigh Locks is feeing the love you guys, thank you so much to those of you who have donated and to anyone sending thoughts and prayers and shared 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @SirSpencer, Cam W, Kevin A, Carrie W, Joe O, Endr C, Daniel B, @adam, @Johncdvorak and all the Anon's!!!

20 Supposed packets from night of the election showing foreign intrusions and vote flipping.

These are translations that have been verified and verified and verified again.

- Sir EuchReports

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