@SChad71593015: We kept Trudeau - and fired Don Cherry

Canada is broken

Charles Barkley: “[Politicians] divide and conquer. I truly believe in my heart that most white people and black people are awesome people, but we are so stupid following our politicians — whether they are Republicans or Democrats.”

Activist Melissa Tate tweeted Sunday, “Charles Barkley exposing the corrupt system that seeks to racially divide us so we are too busy fighting each other.

@cohkohhh: If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we can survive without sports.


Ontario is now the Province of Berlin. The letterhead will need changing.

@bonghitter let's hope the squealers are wearing those masks with graphene particles on them. Canada is becoming a massive hive of douchebaggery.

@bonghitter you should beat the shit out of a couple neighbors to discourage any further snitching. You gotta give a really brutal public beat down to drive the point home tho.

@bonghitter perhaps we should start painting swastikas on police cars.

@bonghitter the Nazis are here (in Canada at least). Unbelievable

To the disgusting piece of shit human who just ratted out my in-laws for having family over for , go fuck yourself....kids Just finished egg hunt and then this......Hope you choke on the mask you wear....I really really do...oh and happy Easter. Apparently by law officer had a "list" of houses in the area. .

@TomTSEC: Maybe it is just me, but I think the position of Prime Minister of Canadas should be designated as a full time position.

@crashandsmash66: Anyone else find it weird that the government won’t force drug addicts to get clean because it’s against their human rights but they have no problem forcing healthy people to get a vaccination or kidnap them and put them in Covid camps

@JuliaHB1: Give up November to save Christmas.

Give up Christmas to save January.

Give up January, February and March to save Easter.

Give up Easter to save the summer.

Give up summer to save the Autumn.

Can anyone guess what's coming next...?

It never ends until WE say it does. 🤷🏻‍♀️

@rpoconnor: Tomorrow in : team sports, all restaurant dining, and many gyms are banned for 4 weeks

Next week in : Leafs host Habs on Wednesday night; both teams permitted to dine indoors at a restaurant and go to the gym

@MrStache9: "Meanwhile in "
The guy pretending to be our PM is taking his 24th Personal Day this year.
He was actually seen in public three times this week!

@ontarioisproud: Ontario father launches a constitutional challenge to reopen sports.👇

"If public health officials believe that professional sports can be played safely, so too can other sports leagues."

Kudos to this dad and @rpoconnor for fighting the good fight.


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