@Jack5150 @CSB people try fist bumping me at meetings, and I just turn the other way. If you aren't going to shake my hand, just get away from me.

As if she wasn’t annoying enough, she’s gotta come and put delays in my day🤬

@Baldgroundskeeper @PrincessCityPearl
Watching [email protected] game. Occasion shot to ND campus and I can’t help but notice that the flora & fauna is not what it used to be at ND🤔

No Agenda meetups are the best, even if they’re small. Thanks @bnadstra and @krisvox. It was great hanging out and seeing you guys!

MKE area producers, feel free to head down the the Miller Time Pub after work today and meet Baron Sir BNAdstra (I believe that’s his title). He doesn’t come to town often!

What are the odds that I can talk my wife into this AWESOME wallpaper for our house? And a green urinal.

I hereby pronouncicate that this meme is dedicated to Sir Dweezus.
Episode 1476

I’ve been getting lots of nasty looks lately when I put my suitcase in an overhead bin. Who knew there was so much disdain for John & Adam out there?????

Would you join a NA fantasy football league on sleeper if I started one? Don't be a dick, boost

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