@the0ther That video you posted a few days back, I don't know where you picked it up, but apparently its gone "viral".... so she has responded to the reactions. youtu.be/habV5YkYk4I

The original video for those who didn't see it..... this was made on Sept 20, 2019.... long before anybody heard of COVID, youtu.be/wV9Rl6d2Mys

Was listening to Alison Morrow's show in the background and she dropped a plug for No Agenda.... Its at 16:00 if the link doesn't start there...

Quite frankly Russia took it away from the entire "West" including the UK, Australia and Canada too...... which are all actively suppressing it

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What is the name of the folks selling coffee with No Agenda show themes?

Here's a tip for the email marketing team for online retailers...... do NOT send an email for a % off your purchases the day AFTER someone places an order....... Now I ACTIVELY hate your business, I already bought everything I needed at full price....

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this flew by. i'll send it up to rumble and bitchute. share it with anybody who needs some positive reinforcement. im talking about the people who's instinct (spidey sense) is ringing the gaslight alarm, but who cant articulate it, because they probably feel alone or without moral support. yes, its 20m, but its about MASS PSYCHOSIS, like the cult of stupid walking around taking selfies of their moment of cringeSyringe. remarkable lack of critical thought. youtube.com/watch?v=09maaUaRT4

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They clearly have it out for her, and I don't know why.... who benefits?

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What does the Federalist have against Kristi Noem? back a few months they went nuts with article after article over the SD transgender sports law(cultural problem, not a legal one), and now out of nowhere they think she....of ALL PEOPLE... is surrendering to the left? Makes me wonder who is running things at that site.

It just dawned on me.... who stands to gain with the new mask mandates? 3M..... It clicked when I saw the main fear monger Osterholm said this...... 3M ramped up production and likely has billions of N95 masks... and suddenly the CDC pulled the rug out with their earlier guidance ditching the masks so they were going to get stuck with all these masks they couldn't sell....

The Biden admin is following the playbook that started in 2016... This is how "Fake News" got introduced, Trump didn't originate it, he just made it famous... theguardian.com/media/2016/nov

This is just the latest crisis to use to further the control

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Could it be that the existence of the Chinese defector was what caused the walk back of the lab leak theory being preposterous in recent weeks?

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John Cleese is timeless.

"Where is the fetus gonna gestate? Ya gonna keep it in a box?"

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Is there a way to stream the show LIVE with using a browser on mobile?

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