@blitzed I believe I speak for the founding fathers when I say death to America.

@[email protected] To be fair, I have not actually heard or seen concrete evidence that he admitted over the phone to 911 that his motivations were political. I keep hearing this from other people, but without actual evidence.

That being said, he did murder another person intentionally with his vehicle in a "road-rage" situation. So, regardless, $50k for bail is paltry.

@[email protected] Yeah, as of today it's confirmed and being widely covered. That wasn't the case yesterday morning. @[email protected]

>I am incapable of making a coherent statement, the post
@okuu @blitzed maybe it's about time you realize that the point of speaking is to have other people understand your words
>blame others for your failure
the road to success, if i've ever seen one
@fluffy @blitzed You're the failure here, retard. Even now, you fail to comprehend what I posted.
get told a lot you've got charisma? told often you're smart? i bet you do :comfysip:
>back to posting images
for a while you were doing pretty well there, too

well you've bored me now so this is goodbye
@fluffy @blitzed @okuu as an independent 3rd party that reviewed this exchange I conclude that you are the retard in this conversation.
@fluffy @blitzed Hopefully, even Normiecon Boomers will eventually end up so disgusted and enraged that they stop obeying the leftist social contract, stop punching Right and start to just go after our Enemies with no scruples or outdated morality holding them back.

Basically, January 6th X 1000.
I'll bet you any money they won't by any fixed time you decide on

accelerationism is no different than marvel comics
@fluffy @blitzed What I'm talking about isn't really accelerationism, just making people aware of how evil and unjust our current rulers are, and how the morals they teach us should in no way bind us.

Accelerationism involves actively wanting things to get as bad as possible, as quickly as possible, because that's how necessary change is supposedly forced. I personally see things more as a race against time, with more and more people gradually waking up, while the Left keeps importing more and more subhumans into the West to Replace the White people. The question is which will reach the critical mass first.
>just making people aware of how evil and unjust our current rulers are, and how the morals they teach us should in no way bind us.
A just and noble cause. I hope you prevail
@blitzed They want you dead, your kids raped and brainwashed and they think it's funny.
@riddleofsteel @blitzed What happened to the American dream? It came true! You're looking at it!
@riddleofsteel @blitzed These memes are held back by the heart attack narrative. Look up Heather Heyer's autopsy, she died of blunt force trauma to the chest.
Photos show her in the crowd beside the car. Not in front or under it. The car never hit her. Her autopsy report proves that coroners will write in whatever you want if you slip them enough money and political pressure.
@blitzed the man who murdered George Lincoln Rockwell "John Patler" , a kike plant/sellout race traitor cunt, 10 years for murder. oy vey indeed....
@Paddyposting @blitzed "Many years later, Patsalos expressed regret to his son Nicholas for his time in the ANP, saying "I should have been with Dr. King and the Civil Rights people back then. They were truly my people, not those Nazis." In 2017, The Washington Post described Patsalos as a "staunch online defender of Donald Trump"; he refused multiple interview requests from the newspaper."

Wow, what a complete faggot.
@Eschatology @blitzed yep, a sellout to the highest order, was told what to say, what the party line was, we have seen kikery like this before, like only 10 years for murder.. imagine that
@blitzed I will never understand why at most Republics you can "pay" for freedom.

I mean, do they legalized the hostage situation?
All he did was kill some snot-nosed chudlet. He didn't even cross any state lines.
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