<techrights-news> blocks outright bloomberg.com/ it also blocks many of the browsers and RSS readers I use. This is suicide! It's getting worse each month. = GARBAGE!! Pure crap. Can't wait for the Web to die (which will happen one day).

Top of the hour might be interesting; --Yoichi Shimatsu The Deadly Japan Radioactive Olympics renseradio.com/listenlive.php

awwsheeeiiit! --California Gov. Gavin Newsom pledged to house and feed the world’s homeless population this week during a whirlwind “Comeback California” tour that is designed to stave off a September recall by angry voters.


<GunsRGood> Link Title: Adam Carolla (@adamcarolla): "Thanks to Prop 47 thefts under $950 will not be prosecuted, so cops will not bother showing up. Just a reminder that you get what you voted for, California!" | nitter


--The “Cuban Jamming Crisis” On 40 Meters Ham Radio? <ChrisInAL> m.youtube.com/watch?v=dtICIDDv blitzed

white genocide in South Africa continues.

factories & distribution centers are being razed...

<MatCat> Dingo doing a live stream talking about the SA war youtube.com/watch?v=XOquUpLvDO <GunsRGood> Link Title: SOUTH AFRICA IS BURNING and we are in the middle of it! - YouTube

@NICKtheRAT NickTheRat, what is the drank tonight?

Darksewer squeezed gin & juice?

Got Hump? Tonight's The Night Right? =^_^=

Hecksya Hella Famous NickTheRat++


Teach, your children well.

Otherwise they are taught they can grow up to become humanimal chimeras, even a cock!

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