Howdy partner! Convenient Collusion; Democrats & China virus, expanded the perpetual victim mega-ranch!

Sloppy Joe Biden, "Muh foteen hunnit dolla!"

Citizen cattle will be grateful to step up to the trough and get some crumbs back from their taxes. Their children are the future; veal for the satanic pedovores wah wah wah!

--Now playing: The Grumpy Old Bens LIVE! Experience - Support The Show:

You can use this as a starting point, I rigged search REGEX oneliner to rename some dirty commie sites to [F-U Communist Website]


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I blocked Communists with RegEx, if only that worked in real life...

interesting, I allowed Google domain & javascript just for shits & giggles research :)

there were even more blatant video clips of cops waving patriots through.

I burned tvvatter account yesterday, otherwise I'd dump 'em here too.

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Global warming update from Madrid, Spain apparently =^_^=

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