“I strongly advise not to get involved because the civil suits will continue to be filed until people stop sharing them because whomever is on the recording did not consent to be recorded in my humble opinion.”

@thor I have heard stories of and possibly observed a European (Germanic?) tendency to "dress better", which I understand to be a sense of obligation on the street to try a bit harder to have a pleasant appearance.

Probably related to the way Europeans can spot the American tourist easily.

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D-Day Remembrence day, when Goering had 2 planes to throw at an gigantic Invasion

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It's sad the show isn't covering the recent news more. So much to deconstruct.

It's obvious the DOGE people who think they can meme their way up without greed undoing it all are being ripped off, but there are so many other players to speculate about: governments, banks, smart money, Elon... who's winning?

The contention over whether it's a new bear market or a dip is fascinating. Nobody knows how much of the propping up is from hodl-type believers, or where the associated floor is.

In case you're wondering what happened, @yukiame sold all his

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