Dallas Debate.

Beto: the second amendment is for hunting
Cruz: it's for stopping school shooters
Hole where Libertarian would be standing: neither of those are the point of the 2nd amendment

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The political power that can be obtained by delaying Supreme Court confirmations necessitates a higher standard of evidence than a claim, as a pragmatic measure in order to have a functioning government.

I'm not saying Christine shouldn't have justice. There should be a routine criminal investigation into the incident, alongside and unrelated to the senate confirmation.

How to stop any supreme court nomination, according to people who don't understand how crimes are prosecuted in America

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Anyone post this? Kavanaugh related. Ford (accuser) high school year books that were scrubbed from the internet. Showing some pretty brazen attitudes toward drinking, partying, and promiscuity. Not that I think there's anything wrong with it, but...fair is fair. Thoughts?


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If gender is so fluid, why do the bathrooms need changing? Just go in either bathroom, I really don't care. It's fine.


“I need to keep my eggs wet with Sprite soda, and that’s incredibly time-consuming. I cannot in good conscience continue my service in the senate when I know that twice every hour I need to go into my garage, where my thousands of throbbing eggs shimmer in the dim headlights of the minivan I keep idling at all times, and I need to moisten them with Sprite soda from a spray bottle. My eggs have got to be wet with Sprite soda. I’m sorry.”

Anyone know where I can find the fake alex jones iso from #1068?

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