Amazon employee being timed for how many seconds it takes to scan and โ€œStow Itemโ€.

South Carolina Representative Nancy Mace introduced a cannabis reform bill yesterday. Here is Kennedy being Kennedy.

House Ritten should have demanded a Trial by Combat.

No fries at Popeyes. Discontinued they them said.

@adam Iโ€™d love to see a robot milk and test 5000 cows in 6 hours. Iโ€™ve tested almost 2 million cows and never heard one burp.

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@adam I test cows and their โ€œShit milkโ€. This guy is full of it. live listening

Iโ€™d trade crypto for beef. Where do I sign up? live listening

This new bit with JCD explaining his 3x3 (without clips) is terrible.

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