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I detest when new outfits bring in “policy experts” to talk on topics. Like the cybersecurity policy expert in the NPR story on the Iowa caucus app from last month. Listening to her soundbyte you can tell she doesn’t know a Diffie-Hellman from an elliptic curve. A policy expert knows policy, not the nuts and bolts. They’re the equivalent of “awareness campaigns” in the charitable organization scene.

I noticed the MailChimp logo in the bottom of today’s newsletter for the first time. Has that always been there?

What rolls down stairs
Alone or in pairs
Rolls over your neighbors dog
What’s fit for a snack
And fits on your back

Why is there a war for file type associations on my Win10 computers? Every fucking day my default apps get changed. PDFs are the worst because Edge, Chrome, and Adobe all battle it out. Images are farcical because it’s just Windows apps what keep stealing the association from each other.

Fucking Christ, Microsoft... let me set the default programs AND DON’T FUCKING CHANGE IT because you know better.

Rhetorical question: why don’t Bernie and Trump both give The Parties the Finger and run as Independents in 2020? There’s no way I can discern that those two, with their well-established brands, benefit from being associated with Team Blue and Red.

To judge from the ads I see online (and brief glances at the TV in the breakroom at work), as a white man I am no longer being marketed to... and I kind of like that.

Finished laying new floor in the master suite just in time for the recirc pump on the dishwasher to go out! Do I save $20 and support the secondary market by buying used off eBay? Or do I spend an extra $20 and support the megacorp buying new off Amazon?

Every time I see someone insult @Johncdvorak's recorder playing, I get that much closer to mailing him some bagpipes.

ok the new Doom promo video with Alex Jones voice dubbed over it is HILLARIOUS

Will you all shut the fuck up and stop tooting about Trump and the impeachment already?! Jesus the goddamned Jew it’s as bad as the M5M up in here with all the focus on Trump. Give it a rest.

‘Tis the season for King Cakes and I approve of every one brought to the break room at work.

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