Fake article but FYI: US military vehicles do not require keys. The most resistance you’ll run into in a HMMWV is a cable lock through the steering wheel, otherwise it’s just hop in, start up, and drive off. The LMTVs and other heavy vehicles will have battery disconnect switches.

Why does Pakistan, which borders both China and Iran (two of the nations hit hardest by SARS-CoV-2 in absolute numbers) and is the fifth most populous nation in Earth, have so few cases?

Grammar isn’t a primary concern of the Infantryman, as long as the message gets across.

Local children’s museum had some flip cards showing Earth before and after. The others are neat—the artificial islands in Dubai, urban sprawl of Shanghai, and open pit coal mines in Wyoming. This arctic sea ice before and after is clearly fabricated. FFS.

Updating my personal website and performing copy editing on some of my writings. Is this a lost art? When I hand back documents like this to coworkers they usually need a legend.

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