I'm glad to see we are not alone in our gardening and brooding interests. Next up: keeping bees! 🐝 Does anybody have any tips or resources for beginners?


@Tjunta @mouseybear

No experience yet but it's something we are also interested in. Always loved the Flow hives but @black6_ shared this video with @SirSpencer:


A much more budget friendly way to begin!

@Laurien there are dozens of plastic 5 gallon water jugs sitting at work which are the "property" of the water service that hasn't run since COVID. my boss gave me the OK to bring at least some of them home if i make an honest effort to get the water service coming back 😀 @Tjunta @mouseybear @SirSpencer


@Laurien @Tjunta @mouseybear @SirSpencer here are our girls right now getting ready for possible rain (ok, this is how they act when they're not getting ready for rain, too 🙃)

my human resources painted the middle nuc box

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