form for a religious exemption to the mandate came out yesterday evening. my responses.

the questions are clearly designed to be argumentative and catty. The whole childish “oh you don’t like tomatoes, but you DO like ketchup, so you really DO like tomatoes HUH HUH!!?!”

@black6_ Nice on ya! It strikes me that these idiotic questions are like answering the “second factor auth” (so-called) questions at bank websites… No! you don’t need to know my mother’s second grade teacher name. F off!

@spamproof I put randomly generated strings for those open ended questions and store them in a password manager (bitwarden)

@h4890 it wasn't rejected outright... I'll know more in the next few weeks, or months, or maybe never.


I'll keep my fingers crossed! I have an antimask paper that says I get panic attacks from wearing one, signed by a very nice doctor, and it has kept masks away from me pretty much everywhere during all the hysteria.

@h4890 i did the same with one of my service-connected disabilities. i haven't worn a mask at all this whole time.


Glad to hear it! =) A few companies refused me service anyway but fortunately they could all be replaced with others. =)

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