No, Microsoft Word, I do not want to select the whole word. That’s why I started out in the middle. Stop fucking trying to think for me you skip-logic piece of shit and just do what I tell you, as all good software ought.

Going to hazard you double clicked the word. That's a general OS feature, not just something in Office/Word.

Tangentially, triple clicking text will select the entire line. Makes for a useful shortcut sometimes.

@skypage click-and-drag. When I got to the first letter BOOM whole word gets selected.

I see what you're talking about. Probably some heuristic getting activated, I'd guess. Tbh, I tend to use my keyboard for most text selection, and rarely if ever use Word, so I didn't even know that was something they changed.

I just have Libre Office on my personal machines instead of Microsoft's dreck.

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